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Arian energy is dynamic and positive amongst the interplay of zodiacal energies, therefore tending generally toward the projective.

Things in the birthchart, within or on this sign will be potentially drawn to somehow relate to other chart components concerned with the cardinal quality and the element of fire. The Arian field of vibration may contribute to a horoscope as follows;

Planets posited in the cardinal/fire sign of Aries reside in a dry, fiery, highly energised field. Thus they are usually likewise embued with motivated, expressive energy. To put it metaphorically, they are heated and warmed. Heat quickens activity and stirs the processes of things. Therefore the planetary principle concerned is ‘quickened’, often with a reactive taint.

Unadulterated planets in Aries are motivated energies, alert, ‘on their toes’ and ready to respond. The archetype of the planetary principle in Aries requires autonomous and independent expression and may pursue the things, concerned with its themes with a self-focused orientation.

Obviously, a ‘fiery’ planet will usually be given more energy and power. A ‘soft’ planet may take on more directness and courage, or brashness and abrasiveness. Sometimes the more malleable planetary archetypes, in this sign, may also indicate the tendency to implode this signs fiery sense of activity.

The house that Aries is on the cusp of is likewise energised. The Arian house is where one may tend to put a lot of energy, experience a lot of activity and things may occur with speed and directness. This is also the area where we may initiate, commence and get things started and things are usually at their best if that facility exists.

As Arian energy is primarily concerned with the themes of the individuation urge, this house may be where we can find support in finding our authentic selves and can find where to focus possible ‘beginnings’. Stressed Aries energy, equals a certain stress in the Arian house, this usually regards issues around anger, assertion, motivation, independence and the direction of personal will and energy.

* Ruling Planet
When delineating any astrological energies posited in, or on, Aries in the birthchart, it is ultimately very important to look to the state of the ruling planet, or ‘dignified lord’, of this sign in the chart. In this case, Mars, which when unadulterated is itself a hot, fiery archetype. Thus the state of this planet, its sign, house and aspects, will modify and tell a lot more about the planets in and house cusps on, Aries.

Through this planet, where it sits and what it contacts, the relationship of the Arian aspect of an individual to the greater whole of the self and life may take further form and experience modification. The Arian themes for the individual may become better expanded and potentially given a further ‘disposition’.

Some Other Aries Correspondences

* Physiology & Health
“The pathological action of Aries tends to excesses, dryness, heat, inflammation, excess of forcefulness or energy.” As this is a sign of high energy it is observed as prone to fevers, rashes, irritations and inflammations. It is an extremely physical and energetic vibration and therefore may also relate to accidents, cuts, burns, bruises, breaks and abrasions.

Classically, there may be an excessively high body temperature and a certain redness in the complexion. Such types of manifestations are often associated with the emotional state of resentment, or anger or at least the requirement to release some kind of truth of expression and such like.

Hence the individual may be possibly managing to sabotage themselves in some manner. Acne and other ‘hot’ skin manifestations, is also viewed as an Arian affliction and this sign generally rules the face and facial structure, it is also associated with the ‘helmet’ of the cranium and the forehead.

The sign of Aries is the general ruler of the head, externally the eyes and ears and internally, the brain. Thus Aries is said to be potentially susceptible to mental disease (if the rest of the chart concurs) and to brain disorder. Aries is the energy which rushes the blood to the head, causing delirium. With this energy, things flare up quickly and recovery may also be fast.

This sign is prone to magnetise injuries to the head and face, plus it is also associated with migraines and nosebleeds. Many astrological texts talk of a scar somewhere being common for this sign, especially on the face or head. Many Arian injuries are seen as possible messages to ‘slow down’ and become more balanced and gentle in approach to life.

This sign is also related to surgical procedures and such things involving instruments, particularly metallic ones. This sign responds well to physical activity and it is one of the prime athletic vibrations, focused and martial activity is beneficial to it. Mobilisation is generally an important Arian principle and offers a healing path to the signs typology, on physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual ideals.

The classic Arian constitution is vital and there is generally good muscular development. Regarding a possible expression of pure, physical Aries, the textbooks typically talk of a robust, yet lean, often compact, ‘warrior-like’ presentation, traditionally dark with a prominent head, forehead, or eyebrows.

* Colours
Aries is connected to all hot, red tones, all the colours of fire. Blood red is also very much the colour of the warrior. A main colour combination attributed to this sign is that of red and white.

* Minerals & Gems
Bloodstone, firestone, all reddish minerals (those with a high iron content), ocher, brimstone, diamond, ruby, any stone that cuts or can spark fire, metals, (particularly tough alloys formed through the process of heat).

* Plants & Herbs
Rhadish, rhubarb, peppers, garlic, poppies, holly, thistle, nettles, mustard, onions, fern.

* Typical Vocations
Military, athletes, competitors, racers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, independent identities, surgeons, acupuncturists, hunters, anyone working with things that pierce, cut etc, butchers, metalworkers, stunt people, drummers, adventurers, discoverers, astronauts, those hoe do some manner of hard, or sirty work, those who work with fire/heat in some fashion.

* Associated Tarot Card  
The Emperor - concerned with the ‘yang’ principle of assertion and independent effect in the world.

* Modern Aries Keywords
Directedness, decisiveness, initiative, energy, assertion, anger, bravery, confrontation, individuation, ‘now’, ‘first’, self, independent, quick, autonomy, potency, impulsive, pioneering, competitive, eager, dynamic, hasty, impatient, reactive, domineering, leading, active, instigating.

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