Richard Smykowsky
Excellent and straight-forward astrology for everyday life, available for readings in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Nadia MacLeod
Supporting women's menstrual health through practical information and healthy products.”
Everything you want to know about conception, moon cycles, and all things menstrual. Nadia offers an all-natural and reusable personal liner, a great product of Australia.

Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc.

Association of Professional Astrologers (Australia)

John Frawley
We call him Mistuh Frawley ‘round here.
The Horary specialist.

Patrice Guinard (editor and writer)
University Centre for Astrological Research – C.U.R.A.
French astrology site, chock-full of intelligent essays written from a philosophical base.

Joseph Crane, Jill-laurie Crane, and Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum
School of Psychological and Traditional Astrology. Joseph Crane wrote the excellent “A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology.”

Robert Zoller
Medieval Astrology school and articles.

Deborah Houlding
A must-see resource for all serious astrologers.

Curtis Manwaring
Massive amounts of information on ancient astrology, from the Hellenistic school.

Anne Wright
An awareness of Fixed Stars is essential in traditional astrology---and here is a good place to start learning the full breadth of their significance and magnificence.

Adam McLean
The Alchemy Web site. Thousands of pages on alchemy and Hermetic ideas. For those who want to do more than skim the surface of this complex subject, there are study courses available.

The Mountain Astrologer,
The best general-interest astrology publication around.

The late Lois Rodden, Mark McDonough, Pat Taglilatelo
Researchers and designers of Astrodatabank, a database of thousands of names and birthdates. Lois Rodden was the innovator of the “Rodden Rating” for accuracy in astrological data.


Organic Divination for the Urban Jungle

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