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Margaret Penner Choinski

Born in Canada and moved to Australia in 1991. I began studying astrology in 1997 on my own, then with Guild Educator Donna O’Connor, (herself a student of Bernadette Brady) going on to receive theGold Medal for Excellence in Astrology in 2003 from the Federation of Australian Astrologers. I hold a Practitioner’s Certificate from the FAA, and am a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (Australia).

I have a strong interest in history, psychology, horary astrology, astronomy, and archaeo-astronomy.

Using Ancient, Modern and Traditional techniques, I endeavour to gain a practical grasp of the client’s situation.

"I care about the people behind the charts I read, and I like to offer do-able solutions to any problems which may be revealed"

P.O.V.---Everyone on this Earth wants to be happy, whatever form happiness takes for them. While we strive to find that happiness, we must pay attention to the purpose within ourselves…and at the same time acknowledge we have a group purpose alongside all others here.

If you want a clear vision of your life, consider a reading from a qualified astrologer. If you want a deeper understanding of human events, consider studying astrology formally. Your efforts will be rewarded with astonishing insights.

This site is dedicated to my horse Jaharah, who galloped into the Summerlands on March 5,  2006.

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