Some Characteristics of Taurus

“A Taurean with a spiritual understanding of the nature of the Universe can explain and demonstrate to others, in very practical terms, how a link can be formed between the spiritual and material planes”.

“. . . Taurus has an instinctual understanding of how the Spirit manifests itself in the nature and should dig deeply within himself to bring to his topsoil his innate comprehension of the creative process”.

The preceding quotes  are referring to the astrology of Taurus in its highest representation, of spirit manifest in form .  This is the energy of ‘Mother Earth’ and all her fecundity and Taurus-types are said to have an innate connection with nature and all of its elements, in some fashion.  This sign has a capacity for a deep sensitivity in perceiving the beauty in the material and is appreciative of  high quality, the ‘real’, not the synthetic.  Many artists, in differing fields, may have this energy strong in the horoscope, particularly those concerned with form and the structural, such as sculptors, potters, jewellers.

  This is the sign of those who may ‘glorify’ and enhance the aesthetics of matter.  Taurean energy is also often involved with pure physical practice of dancers, musicians, and as Taurus is the governor of the throat, singers.  This sign is a profoundly sensitive archetype, which feels and processes that which impacts upon it, at deeply ‘buried’ levels.  Thus some individuals with such an influence strong in their charts may resound to beauty itself from such depths, and may en-soul matter, in a deeply moving creative expression of some variety.  Unadulterated Taurus has an aesthetic value system that is highly personalized and the heart of the self may be tangibly expressed in form.

As a classic astrological energy connected to potentially great fertility and this is the vibration that is said to be highly capable of making things manifest.  Healthy Taurean energy is very ‘magnetic’ and seems to aid things to take real degree of quality and lasting materiality of form. 

The balanced Taurus-type is able to get practical results, they are willing to work hard, especially when a purpose of personal value is at stake.  This is the zodiacal energy of acquisition and it is essential to the accumulative function as such energy receives and gathers.   Typical Taurean qualities include a gentle, passive receptivity, which contains and endures that which it receives.  This signs archetypal facets may be concerned with material safety and security, therefore when well balanced, can reflect an individual who is strong in their own innate worth and security.  Thus resources, money and that which constitutes stability, may be accumulated with flow and ease, as is its potential.

Psycho-emotionally this zodiac sign talks primarily of our self worth and value, plus of our consciousness toward a sense of our own inner resources and stabilizing capacity.  Functional Taurean energy is potentially bountiful energy and often gives forth gifts to others in expression of value and appreciation, as Taurus operates largely through physical, or sensory, realms.  This is a ‘providing’ vibration and when positive, the individual may become skilled at harnessing possession and resources. Out of this providing principle comes the traditional association of this sign with food, cooking and such like.  Therefore Taurus is said to usually love food and all that pleasures the senses (or there may be the signification of issues regarding these themes).  In its purity, this sign also has a deep appreciation of real ‘quality’, over brash ostentation and show, this is the refinement of its ruler Venus coming through.

Taurus is renowned for it’s qualities of incredible loyalty and determination; this energy has been symbolically nominated the ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘the rock of Gibraltar’, in character.  Certainly values are often ultimately fundamental and sensible; the typical Taurus-type is considered consistent, deliberate, patient, cautious and generally conservative in how they express themselves.  Things may often require an assigned purpose and value, thus under such consideration, there may be a slowness in getting moving.  But once in motion the fixity of this sign can find it a challenge to quit, a ‘steam-roller’ kind of effect.  The ‘pure’ Taurean is capable of spectacular endurance, as this energy is one of the strongest in regards to reflecting the themes of commitment.  Thus Taurean facets, within the birthchart, reflects the capability to ‘stick with things.’

This is where one of the most common of Taurean dilemmas can develop, as healthy loyalty can degenerate to a sense of possessiveness.  Taurean energy tends to ‘hold on’, often to the point of hindering it’s own self and even then, still persisting in not ‘letting go’.   This astrological energy is hardy and can endure extremely negative circumstances (especially emotionally).  Some form of insecurity is usually behind the insisting on things essentially remaining the same, even though such persistence may prove destructive.  Such situations are not regenerative and may grow in toxicity, thus to filter through many varying dimensions of inner and/or outer experience.  As the Taurean values are distorted here and one must make the choice as to address the motivations (‘payoffs’) that are behind maintaining such values, and thus to be able to release and move on.  The fundamental nature of this energy does not take easily to change, particularly to where it has perceived an important ‘attachment’ (and this may be physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual), further astrology in the chart pending.

This is possibly this sign’s greatest lesson, to realize when something has unfolded to its limits and requires the release, to allow transformation, and also to allow the space for the new to regenerate from what is deceased.  This is reflected in the Taurean association with the garden in full bloom, as eventually the overblown flowers fall to the ground to break down into the earth, fertilizing it with the promise of the new and leaving the room for further growth to occur.  The symbolism of the heady beauty of the full-blown Spring garden must pass, thus fruition may occur.   The archetypal themes of Scorpio, the polar vibration to Taurus carries aspects of this principle, as it is a general governor of the transformational processes.

Taurean dysfunction is most often centred in matters of attachment and the insecurities that lie underneath.  Insecure Taurean-types may overcompensate in feeling that there is a void to be filled and thus, accumulate and hold.  This sign usually  needs to know what ‘resources’ it possesses, what it has, for example how much money is in the bank, and so on.  More deeply underlying this attempt to ‘fill the void’ with material attachment, is a void of some facet of personal self-worth.  Therefore afflicted Taurean energy in a horoscope is most often pointing to issues around personal validation and inner security.  This psycho-emotional issue constellates lessons around the right use of resources and learning what is truly of worth.

At the most negative such insecure Taureans may mix need and greed into a fixed conglomeration, this type can become ‘oral’ and demanding, always seeking some form of reassurance as to some aspect of value.   In the extreme, a totally materialistic individual may eventuate, one who measures their worth totally via what they ‘have’.  So-nominated ‘dysfunctional Taurus ‘may use resources/money/possessions to ‘provide support’ (or ‘show love’), with the agenda underneath to control and keep the other essentially in ‘have not’ and beholding.  The lessons in true value often manifest through the mechanisms of loss and betrayal, where Taurean value systems and attachments are strongly challenged to shift.  This sign of the zodiac also reflects the general human tendency to freeze/consolidate others, self and/or the world into roles with which we are most comfortable.  Such a dynamic is testament to the ‘primitive’ foundations underlying its earth element, coldness and dryness.

Negatively, Taurean energy may get far too ‘habitual’ and cautious and thus its reputation for being ponderously slow, to the point of stasis, which may express as a direct unmotivated laziness, or a rigid, narrow position.  It is noted that:

“. . . one must use persuasion, not force.”

If force is utilized this energy absorbs the impact and becomes enormously resistant.  This often is reflected in ‘passive-aggressive’ manifestations, in subtle ways, or conversely, the Taurean can literally collapse into some form of destructive reaction, under the ‘burdens’ they create for themselves.  This energy is very subjective and sensitive, often processing feelings through the body as a kinesthetic experience.  It responds to empathetic rapport through the matching and validating of values, and is also very responsive to touch.  To cause Taurus to become more pliable and shift, one must knead softly at the feelings and sensibilities, over a period of time, and it takes a ‘Taurean’ form of patience to accomplish this.

Thus it is essential for a Taurean-type to define the nature of their personal worth and subsequent value systems.  Positively this is a self-sustaining energy, and through consciously accessing this aspect of themselves, such individuals can release any unconscious need to ‘setup’ lessons involving loss or material struggle etc. This steadfast and firm vibration attempts to reflect a sense of composition and calm, creating peace, stability and foundation.   The nature of Taurean energy also allows us to ‘ground’ things, be fertile and productive, therefore a real security may be manifested both within the self and without.  When secure the Taurus-type may share both their resources and their burdens functionally, rather than tending to relentlessly ‘pile things up’, on themselves.

The pure archetypal quintessence of this sign involves the principle of ‘stewardship’, a term that derives from the Old English root word ‘weard’, equalling ‘keeper’.  Herein the highest aim of Taurus takes form, which is ultimately about leaving something that is of ‘greater value’ than when it was first acquired.   In the context of growth, healing and self-development, this comment pertains to the self and its consciousness.  We are literally the ‘keepers’ (‘carers’) of ourselves and Taurus reminds us of this through its ‘cultivating’ function.  To reach such an aim, it is said that the Taurean principle needs to integrate the other three zodiacal elements present on the pattern of the ‘fixed cross’.  The recognition and energizing of one’s own creativity (Leo), the principle of release and the transformation of desire (Scorpio), and to open to the new and many streams of experience (Aquarius).


Taurean Energy in the Horoscope

The Taurean archetypal energy is essentially passive and receptive amongst the interplay of zodiacal energies, therefore tending towards containing and holding.  Things within the birthchart, within or on this sign will be potentially drawn to somehow relate to other chart components concerned with the element of earth and the quality of the fixed classification.    As a field of energy Taurus may contribute to a chart as follows:

Planets in Taurus

An astrological body residing in the fixed/earth sign of Taurus sits in a markedly slower field of energy, compared to that of the preceding sign of Aries.  This is the ‘densest’, tangible and most ‘solid’, of the twelve signs in character.  It is concerned with stilling and the acquisition of things, which may consolidate the nebulous into form.  Ideally Taurean planets are ‘stabilized’, giving a steadfastness, reliability, integrity and consistency to the expression of their energies.  These planets may tend to express their astrological nature deliberately, more conservatively and at a slower pace.  There can almost be a ‘laid-back’ attitude within the expression of the planetary principle concerned, particularly when more unadulterated.

A planet within this field of symbolism is also given endurance and strength; it is a voice in the self that is potentially very secure and containing.  Planets in Taurus have an enormous aptitude to magnetize and give things form (or to ‘manifest’).  Planets and points in Taurus may also be utilized practically, in a grounded, conservative manner.  In the negative, there may be a tendency to have ‘habits’ ingrained in the expression of the planet concerned.  In the extreme, the energetic nature of Taurus can render things rigid, inert, or just plain lazy as far as the degree of motivation is concerned.

 The Taurean houses are ideally places where stability and foundation can be accessed, if the energies concerned are ‘stressed’ (by rulership, aspect etc), there may be issues to do with security and ‘having enough’ and such like, regarding the facets of the house in question.  We may also tend to place a certain value on things that come under the banner of the house whose cusp is occupied by this sign.  In the Taurean area there may often be required comfort, peace and consistency in this area, or may seek to achieve, or receive it, through there.

The ‘Taurean house’ may also hold deep-seated things regarding dimensions concerning personal sense of worth and value.  This Taurean house is also a house of deep personal resource, where a valid talent can possibly be formed and subsequently blossom.  We may also prove to be inert, lazy, self-indulgent, too passive and fundamental, narrow in perception and accumulative of too much regarding the house in question.  Such negative manifestation can occur in this area of the horoscope, if it is not well-supported by the chart’s holism and the individual’s consciousness.

Ruling Planet 
 To get further information on Taurean planets and house cusps the overall astrological condition and thus nature of this sign’s ruler, or ‘dignified lord/lady’, Venus, must be viewed.  Ultimately this rulers delineation must be synthesized with the delineation of the planet/house concerned.  This is done by looking to Venus’ own house, sign and aspects, thus a better-rounded picture of how the Taurean archetype may express in the birthchart, for the individual in question, takes form.

Other Taurean Correspondences

Physiology & Health
Regarding how the physiological aspect reflects Taurean energy, two general types of such individuals are noted.  The first is said to be the ‘Aphrodite/Adonis type’ or ‘Venusian’.  Typically the person has a gracefulness, is nicely proportioned and often magnetically beautiful in some fashion.  There is usually certain a calmness, or slowness, in the demeanour.  This type of Taurean is usually beautifully presented, preferring ‘natural’, quality dress and adornment.  The second basic, even more stereotyped, is the ‘earthy’ or ‘bull’ type, which is shorter and stockier, with often a strong trunk and particularly bulkier in the ‘yoke’/neck area of the body.

People ‘influenced’ physiologically by this vibration mostly portray a certain mixture of these two types.  Both are considered very sensual and sensitive, in differing ways, according to their value systems.  Both may also be prone to the Taurean tendency to accumulate weight on the body.  Other classic Taurean physical qualities include, abundant curly or wavy hair (traditionally dark), wide forehead, prominent jaw, full nostrils and thick lips.

In medical astrology Taurus rules primarily the throat, pharynx and larynx; it also has a special affinity with the ears and the Eustachian tubes.  This sign also governs the lower mandible, tongue and neck.  In its concern for the throat Taurus is generally the ruler of the esophagus (the upper especially).  This sign is also the sign of the gustatory process and is closely associated with the appetite and in the negative, with gluttony.  Therefore this sign is also connected to the salivary glands.  Thus Taurean diseases may include obesity, gout and rheumatism, the types which usually extend from some form of inappropriate indulgence.

Fixed sign Taurean maladies are often accumulative and this sign’s magnetic energy can tend to ‘hold’ disease, creating chronic conditions.   Cornell notes that Taurus is susceptible to sluggishness and requires ‘energizing from without’. Due to the kinesthetic sensitivity he also adds, ‘not to mention anything discouraging about their sickness’ , as Taurus ‘feels it’ in the body and may easily ‘hold’ the negative suggestion in the physical.  As a ‘fruitful’ sign, it is connected to ‘giving children’ and positive Taurus, on a physiological level is noted to give ‘regular’ functions, methodical good habits and good, robust health.

Red/citrine, white and lemon, yellow, red-orange, green, cream, soft earthy browns.  On the chromatic colour scale scarlet, or cerise-orange.

Minerals & Gems
Alabaster, jade, coral, agate, sardonyx, jacinth, sapphire, lapis lazuli.

Plants & Herbs
Daisies, dandelions, lilies, spinach, flax, myrtle,  moss, larkspur, beets, oak, berries.

Typical Vocations
Bankers, business people, farmers, fruiterers, florists, storekeepers, stewards, those who work with textiles, interior and clothing designers or workers, artists, jewellers, potters, sculptors, musicians, singers, perfumers, masseurs, bodyworkers, aromatherapists, connoisseurs, gourmets, creators of comfort, tradesperson, builder. cooks, chefs, gardeners, landscapers, collectors, botanist, horticulturalist, naturalist, druid.

Associated Tarot Card
Key 5 of the Major Arcana, The Hierophant - the ‘builder’ of the bridge between spirit and matter.

*Modern Taurean Keywords________  Foundation, stability, security, worth, value, money, steward, keeping, steadfast, loyal, determined, deliberate, enduring, stubborn, composed, lasting, firm, practical, productive, fertile, sensual, material, cautious, possessive, accumulating, collecting, holding, attachment, substantial, fundamental, building, grounded, common sense, providing, patience, slow, lazy, inertia, habitual, hedonistic, nature, real.

This original material on *Taurus* is copyright: Donna O'Connor 2003-2007


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