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Coming to meaningful terms with reality - Hypersensitivity, being in the world and existential angst – Distortion of perception – The nature of sacrifice - Loss of identity and boundaries - Dissolution of the ego – The dynamics of undermining and untruth -Capacity to have faith, allow inspiration - Urge to transcend (or escape) – Yearning for the impossible - Development of compassion and potential for devotion - Unconscious neurosis - Potential for divine connection - Victim consciousness – Sympathy, empathy and collusion – Finding and piloting a positive direction.

 *Pisces as a Stage of Development

The Sun is in Pisces during second half of February and through the early half of March.   This period marks a time of the threshold between winter and spring in the northern hemisphere.  The land is in the process of becoming ever more receptive to the release of the latent fertility and the life that has been subtly stirring within it. 

Classically the weather is very wet and Pisces is considered the ‘wettest’ sign of  the zodiac.  There is a lot of water in the symbolism of the seasonal experience, with the rains washing the ice and snow of winter away and so on.  Through Capricorn, Aquarius, to Pisces, moisture is symbolised to increase as an event foundational to the coming evolution of spring.  Water cleanses and softens, thus Nature may prepare her universal matrix for the birth of a new lease of vitality and life (to be witnessed with the Sun’s passage into Aries).  The Great Circle of the Seasons completes, to commence again.

In its highest manifestation the Piscean stage (in the unfoldment process of the zodiac) is seen to carry a transcendent potential.  It is said that all possible facets and levels of human experience may meld within the symbolic realm of this sign, hence its nomination as the kaleidoscopic ‘repository of the zodiac’.  Accordingly the general paradoxical nature of this signs symbolism is said to contain reflections of the archetypal faces of all of the other signs. 

Typical Piscean symbolism may also represent a spiritualising stage, promoting the connection with other dimensions of being.  Reflected may be a time of sensitivity, quietude and withdrawal.  This zodiacal energy ideally encourages contemplation, reflection and the serenity of surrender and ‘stillness’.  The essence of a Piscean-style stage may be a time when merger and synthesis is available, to create a new being, or perceptions and so on.

Therefore, in relation to such a thematic essence and in analogy to the model of  general human development, the sign of Pisces can correlate to the final trimester of  pregnancy.  During this time the symbiotic merger between mother and child comes to its fullest.  The infant to be is still considered as divinely connected, in the astral sense, as well as energetically merged in the mothers auric energetic field and also totally physically dependent.  The state of ‘oneness’ is still imprinted here, in the ideally unconditional environment of the waters of the womb.  Thus, upon birth, the baby is essentially an undifferentiated being, yet to individuate into an truly independent entity. 

All beings may carry within the self a deep, subtle, and often invisible instinct: to find this ‘oneness' in some fashion.  This eventuates from an ‘understanding’ that one is more ‘universal’ than is apparent.  How the child will experience the ‘divine’ in their subsequent life will be dependent upon many variables.  An important one at the beginning?  How the carers met, experienced and represented divinity in their own reflective right.


*Some Characteristics of Pisces

“All currents flow together for him, and it is difficult for him to separate the waters of the many rivers and streams which flow into his private ocean.”

“Just as the ocean has many depths and undercurrents , so the Piscean embodies the complexity of many levels of life simultaneously existing  in the vastness of the sea.  It is no wonder therefore, that Pisceans are the least understood of all individuals.”

The last sign of the zodiacal circle is considered complex and paradoxical, ‘hard to grasp’, insubstantial, elusive and other such ‘watery’ and mutable characteristics, as to which the symbol of the fish attests.  Astrological Pisces is also seen as an all-encompassing, inclusive and global.  In its archetypal essence, it has an instinct as to the nature of universality, as opposed to the polar energy of Virgo which speaks of principles that may concern material detail.  Thus the typical Piscean-type may be a global being in perception and there is an urge to go beyond the ‘big picture’ (beyond the territory of  questing Aries and humane Aquarius).  When unadulterated, those who resonate to this sign's symbolism are apt to reach for (and even to touch) the totally undefinable ‘source of all’. 

There may be indicated an innate understanding as to the collectivity and interconnectedness of all life, that defies a definitive articulation.  The Piscean-type at the highest of evolvement, may be some form of a rare ‘transcendent’ being, who may emanate serenity or compassion and can channel the wisdom and guidance from the highest dimensions and so on. 

This sign can be classically seen to reflect the principle of complete merger, ultimately the merger with the likes of ‘God/Universe/All That Is’.  This sign is representative of the watery face of the wisdom archetype of Jupiter and being of a mutable modality, is indicative of the potential for immense compassion/sympathy.  Pisces is said to reflect an egoless tendency and an amazing capacity to sacrifice the (lower) self to a higher inspiration and thus to offer inspiration to others.

The stereotypal Pisces-type can be portrayed as a finely sensitised individual who is usually prone to subconsciously tuning into subtle energetic vibrations, which in turn may create shifts in mood and well-being.  Such sensitivity may therefore give rise to a possibly psychic/clairvoyant individual; in the least, some form of a highly developed intuition or perception. 

The usual Pisces-type is said to be naturally attracted to the otherworldy and the spiritual, often carrying a sense of ‘yearning’ for something indefinable.  Such types may thus become drawn to explore the occult, spiritual, transpersonal dimensions of life and thus personal inner realms.  Of water and Jupiter-governed, those strong in this sign  may often possess a widely kaleidoscopic imagination, due to the ability (and at times, disability) to perceive the globalness of everything.  The symbolism of this sign is directly concerned with touching into the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious.  So, there exists the potential  to seek the light and bring the universal wisdom through. 

Many Piscean-dominated individuals may become involved in pursuits concerning philosophy, ancient wisdom teachings, theology, mysticism and so on.  This may be a zodiacal symbol of the paranormal in general, particularly if the rest of the birthchart concurs.  The Fishes can also be considered the sign of the ‘cloistered person’, the priest, or nun and such like, in fact anyone of a rarified realm and devotional application.

Not every individual with this zodiac energy prominent will become directly mystically inclined. Pisces is also a star sign particularly connected with the arts, especially those involving poetry, colour and movement.  The likes of prose, painting and dance come to mind and are said to be very characteristic expressions of the Piscean potential.   Mediums of demonstration of this astrological archetype may be essentially ‘aesthetic’ and concerned with the bringing the likes of emotion into form.  The likes of the mythic, symbolic and abstracted may resonate to the archetypal template of this sign. 

The point is that Pisces represents an artist's skill to ‘become the work’ and to express the soul of that which is within the material aspect concerned.  This principle may explain why great pieces of music, writing, evocative visions and inspired movement can stimulate an emotional response of some form within the audience.  This sign may also therefore become strongly associated with the arenas of theatre, film and photography, as it is also significant of the principles pertaining to glamour, illusion and images.  Many Piscean-types become involved in these fields, both as the ‘stars’ themselves and/or behind the scenes, in differing capacities.  

The zodiacal archetype of Pisces may take one into fantasy worlds, through the nature of its flexibility and multi-dimensional awareness.  The classic Pisces-type is often very creative and can be talented aesthetically, particularly given the holism of the birthchart.  The sensitivity of this sign's astrology can find it useful to filter the harsher experience of the mundane world and its impact through a fine imagination and expression. 

Also filtered and abstracted may be the inner processes of the self, from the likes of the imaginal, conscious and unconscious.  Here Piscean principles may translate and transfer such essential sensitivity from the arts into many facets of life experience.  The sensitive intuitional nature may naturally respect the symbolic, perceiving and applying this in a variety of context (not necessarily consciously).

The stereotypal Pisces-type is essentially portrayed as a ‘dreamer’ and dreams may carry the psychological function of removing the trauma of confronting issues, by displacing them into a more emotionally digestible symbolic experience.  Those strongly affiliated with the astrology of this sign can powerfully develop lucid dreaming and an oracular intuitional capacity, again characteristics which may also lend themselves typically to some form of artistic expression.  Such capacities can be applied in all variety of context, as befits the ‘multi-dimensional’ label that is often put upon this sign. 

Piscean-types are noted to prefer a rarefied and removed environment, ideally apart from the practical responsibility and ‘reality’ of life, thus the calling to creative realms.  Here one can touch into and bring through the higher inspirations and deeper subconscious experiences of the self and worldly experience. 

Pisces will sacrifice itself for its higher inspirations. It is a zodiacal figure that is particularly related to the professions of the classical arts.  The disciplines, skills and expressions are where the individual ‘devotes’ and ‘sacrifices’ their life and self in ‘pursuing their dream’, or ‘following their muse’.  However, this sign can constellate this form of motivation in many other facets of life, not just the mystical or artistic.  As long as it is to be found inspiring, or uplifting and then the person will immerse themselves entirely in the concerned pursuit.  This is the general nature of the expansive, merger principles which underlies the symbolic metaphysics of this sign.

The urge to sequester the self is often necessary to the well-being of Pisces, as such types are usually compelled to periodically withdraw and to simply ‘be’.

 This is in order to give the profound sensitivity of the nature a time to rest, reflect, and release all the inner impact of the outer stimulus that has been endured and often absorbed.  There is very frequently a cyclic ‘ebb and flow’ apparent in the psycho-emotional aspect of the Piscean-type.  This is an ‘absorptive’ astrological archetype, which may easily ‘take on’ what may be encountered and therefore the need of regular withdrawal and cleansing. 

The essential nature of this zodiac sign lends itself well to such pursuits as meditation and creative visualisation.   The Pisces-dominated may also have to be very selective regarding the other individuals and kinds of environments that they may surround themselves with.  This is because such individuals can be ‘led’ or influenced easily; this impressionable propensity finds an ease in taking on negative energy and unregenerative behaviours.

In the norm and unmitigated, this is not an abrasive or assertive astrological archetype. 

If the peace and serenity that Pisces-type desires is not regularly accessed, in some fashion, the delicate system and sensibility of such individuals can become easily unbalanced and overloaded.  When devoid of any transcendent, or at least, quieting  function, this is a sign that often cannot ‘cope’ too well and the world can become very overwhelming, as do the feelings.  The individual may ‘drown’ in the pain of the personal emotional aspect and the general tendency is to desire to ‘escape’, or to ‘buffer’ the self somehow.  

Avoiding the taking of responsibility for one’s own sensitivity can manifest in many fashions.  Firstly, as both of water and mutable, Pisces is potentially a very ‘schizoid’ astrological energy and may readily disassociate itself and its perceptions into many varieties of psychologically altered realms.  It is said that this zodiacal energy can represent the ‘fine line between genius and madness’ and often the two are perversely entwined, as it is inspiration/imagination that may heighten the intellect. 

The very negative Pisces-type is often prone to disturbed mental states, depression, irrational fear and sorrows, and therefore may easily dissolve into a fragmented, ‘helpless’ state.  Such behaviour reflects one of this signs classic titles of being the ‘sign of self-undoing’, thus the afflicted Piscean may ‘undermine’ the self (often unconsciously), both within and/or without, and can also potentially subvert others. 

As the delicacy of this sign's psycho-emotional state can become doubtlessly stressed and damaged, these individuals can lose confidence very easily and thus can become discouraged quickly. 

At the worst, there may constellate a tendency to fall into a ‘victim’ state. The Piscean sensitivity, rather than expressing as a universal receptivity to the world, may concentrate its sensitivity upon itself (as the ‘poor’ individual who is handling a world of such undeniable pressure).  Hence, the archetype of the orphan may dominate and such Piscean-types may tend to lack individuation, longing for someone, or something to ‘look after them’ or to ‘contain’ them.  Such relationships may be attracted, wherein somebody else is forced to sacrifice their own needs in deference to the ‘victim’, who is always vying for attention, with some manner of helplessness (and thus, there may be two ‘victims’). 

This victim aspect may also undermine parts of the self on the inside. Such turmoil is not necessarily an overt expression.  This is one of  the most insidious ways the Pisces-type may seek to control, especially as it is often not a conscious mechanism.  Such manifestations may surface as the person becomes ‘sick’, victimised, ‘can’t be responsible’, or ‘hard done by’.   Hence, this sign can be very reflective, within expression or experience, of the ‘victim-rescuer-persecutor’ triangulation.

Through these ‘victim’ mechanisms, such a Piscean-dominated individual may be very needy.  Underlying, there is usually a lack of the sense of the individual self and thus the potential of the negative attempt to define the self, through the creation of a cloying relationship with another.  A modern Piscean cliché is the ‘urge to merge’ and the desire to take the shape of any ‘container’ is powerful, resulting in not knowing where ones own boundaries end and the boundaries of another, or another thing, begin. 

In extreme insecurity, the afflicted-type Piscean is noted to be capable of deceit, manipulation and lies, thus distorting the facts and evading responsibility.  In stereotype the fish can prove to be a slippery and tricky type, very indirect and hard to ‘hold’, in maintaining such expression both consciously and/or unconsciously.  This sign has been traditionally connected with the subversive thematics of criminals, charlatans, and ‘secret enemies’; the most ‘secret enemy’ often being the self.  

By nature this sign is essentially of a clandestine tone, often knowing more than it appears to be giving away.  Often such individuals do not consciously and directly lie, but when the desire is there, can be artfully deceitful.  Whether consciously ‘slippery’ or not, such types may tend to ‘take on their own publicity’, truly believing that the image, or story, or the illusion that they have created is really ‘real’, no matter how fantastical. 

With Pisces the imagination may be both an incredible illuming resource, or a state one may drown within, overwhelmed by the yearning and glamour of something being of a certain fashion.  The typos signified by the sign of Pisces is also said to be potentially chameleon-like in expression and ideally these types can adapt themselves to become what is necessary, in order to flow with serenity in any environment. 

The Pisces-dominant may also be like a ‘living projector screen’, consequently taking on the images thrust upon the psyche, readily adapting the personality to camouflage the true self and even to completely lose the true sense of self-identity.  For positive or negative, the archetype of zodiacal Pisces can draw upon the many-faceted expressions of all the energies it is viewed as capable of reflecting. 

The well-known Piscean escapist tendency when truly destructive, tends to utilise very negative means, often drugs and such like, in pursuit of escape.  Pisces-types are generally seen as sensitive to substances and become easily enmeshed in uregenerative habits.  Again, such an individual may become the victim, in a need of rescuing, dissipating the creative/spiritual urge into a debauched and ineffective or unreal manifestation.  

The most debilitating dynamics concern confusion, pain, sorrow, and chaos.

 Such unregenerative expression is perhaps the most wasteful and negative facet of the symbolism of this zodiacal sign.  Here the gentle, refined essential character, which is contained within the astrology, has become toxified and stagnant – the entire horoscope pending. 

Those dominant in this sign can drift into its ‘insane’ realm, that of the likes of neurosis, paranoia and hallucinatory flux.  Such types are said to become as the ‘flotsam and jetsam’, the ‘wreckages’ and seemingly of not much contribution to the world.  The sign of Pisces has become associated with institutions and thus these types may find themselves removed from the world.  This may be via becoming literally institutionalised in some fashion (e.g; hospitals, asylums, prisons).  This is the negative face of the same archetype that underlies the manifestation and dynamics of the rarefied creative environments, or the spiritual ones of the ashram, church, temple, or retreat.

When in the positive, Piscean components of a birthchart may reflect an extremely compassionate carer and therefore often found giving service, and helping the less fortunate in some capacity.   Of mutable/water and Jupiter-ruled, these can be truly sympathetic and philanthropic people, but if the boundaries are too loose, such types may drown in the sympathy, often ‘going under’ with the victim concerned.  The typical Piscean may tend to identify their own inner ‘orphan’ and project it onto those perceived as unfortunate.  For instance, this sign is said to possess a great love of animals and will be the one that takes home the kitten that nobody else wanted, sympathising totally through a projected sense of rejection, victimisation and being vulnerable, or poorly done by. 

The Pisces-type can also be the ‘martyr’ instead of the victim (in fact, a kind of ‘glorified’ victim), in subjecating their own individuality and needs into looking after, or rescuing someone else.  A personal crisis of the sense of the self may develop if the ‘patient’ is successful and ‘recovers’; the reason for identity is gone.  In such situations, Pisces has to watch for tending to keep another in the victim position, so as to retain their apparently ‘stronger’ position. 

This actually is the opposite of being strong, constellating the Piscean ‘rescuer’ as an unindividuated, disempowered person inside themselves and therefore set up to become a victim in their own right.  As here the principles of service and sacrifice have become distorted and an investment in suffering is actually the ‘game’ at hand.

The ‘lesson’ of Pisces is frequently to discern, create healthy particularised boundaries, and to take self-responsibility for personal individuation and self-definition.

One must own the fact that in being a victim or martyr, one is most often avoiding the paying of any attention to healing what is a seemingly bottomless and evasive sorrow.  The esoteric core of this sorrow has been regarded as to do with the separation or ‘fall’, from the Divine.  It is noted that the Piscean-invested essentially ‘does not want to be on the planet’, thus suffering a kind of ‘existential angst’.   

This is the symbolic astrological energy that may translate personal love and investment to the universal and unconditional application of love. 

Therefore this type has to become aware of where they are focusing and how they are utilising their hypersensitivity, or is it that they are allowing their sensitivity to manipulate themselves, or others, and why?   The great key of consciousness turns for the Piscean-type who can realise that the escapist, addictive tendency to make the self ‘disappear’, is in fact stemming from the higher urge to ‘return to the One’. 

Such an individual does not have to set up the impossible to yearn for and sorrow over. They do not have to numb the reality by whatever the means, because they come to know the power to be found in their true calling.

The essence of the principle of sacrifice is ‘to make sacred’, which Pisces achieves by liberating the self through the surrender of the ego to a faith in the universal nature of all life.  Through an ‘intuitionally photographic’ style of perception such individuals can function within and resonate to the laws of the Divine, rather than sink lower.  Through the overwhelming impact of life on the self, one can transcend to great heights, inspiring others in their own spiritual and creative aspirations. 

There is no rigidity or dogma in the unmitigated symbolism of this sign, as all of experience becomes equal in the perception, therefore such things as resistance, antithesis and polarisation are thus perceived as a waste of energy. 

This is why Pisces has become known as the ‘spiritualising’ sign, thus it is stated:

“Pisces knows that the only permanent factor in life is the never-ending flow of life itself, and it is to this stream that he directs his aspirations.”


Piscean Energy in the Horoscope

In belonging to the protean triplicity of water, this is the most mutable of the archetypal fields of symbolism, even within the group under this modality.  Planets and points contained within or on this sign, will be drawn to particularly relate to other components of a horoscope that are dealing with the element of water and the mutable quality.   Pisces is of a vacillating,  impressionable and highly  malleable character, therefore of an extremely receptive nature.  The sign of the Fishes may contribute to a horoscope as follows:

Planets in Pisces

Planets in the sign of Pisces are usually observed to become considerably ‘softened’ in their expression, it is as if a ‘gauze’, or veil, is filtering their expression.  This is the zodiacal energy of the shapeshifter, thus such planets will tend to vacillate in their nature, often taking a shape which is greatly influenced by such things as the aspects from other planets and the state of the ruler(s) etc.  A Piscean planet is highly sensitised and prone to ‘picking up energy’ easily from other sources, hence it will most usually tend to bend to the more dominant planets in the horoscope.  This sign essentially possesses no form of structure and boundary and therefore it is indicative of a ‘porous’ energy, which tends to osmotically absorb things, as a  sponge.

As the twelfth sign, at the end of the full zodiacal sequence, Pisces is regarded as complex and multi-faceted in its essential astrological character.  A planet so placed may be a great creative resource, representing the voice within a birthchart, which may channel things from higher realms.  Pisces is an astrological archetype that will work best when inspired and when given the liberation to receive and express whatever ‘fills it up’ with higher motivations.  Bodies in such placement can be considered to function from an emotional, imaginal and instinctive basis, displaying such things as psychism, or high intuitional perception and so on.  In being so highly sensitised these planets are often not possessive of great endurance or strength, the holism of the astrology in mind.  These dimensions of the self may frequently need periodic rest and withdrawal to replenish, to reflect and release all the other energy that impacts on them so readily. 

Piscean planets treated without awareness as to their sensitivity, can often tend to become ‘overloaded’ with all of the stimulus and therefore prone to confusion and dissolution in expression.  These components can become extremely insecure and ‘weakened’ planetary energies, vague and ‘helpless’ in nature.  At their utmost in dissipation, Piscean planets can even seem to be ‘invisible’, fading into the background of the charts expression, overwhelmed and moulded by the more dominating symbolic components.  At their worst, the Piscean components may become toxic sources of an undermining of the self, or addictive, dependent and idle significators. They may also manifest illicitly and deceitfully.  Conversely, at best of extremes, planets posited in this sign are spiritual sources of compassion and can potentially function in the most universal of contexts.


The house with this sign colouring its cusp can be a boundless, nebulous and confusing sector of the birthchart, as things may be unclear, misty and out of focus. 

Typically nothing may be generally concrete here and things can function at a deep, unconscious level, with a tendency to subtle and unseen manifestations at times.  One may be very spiritual and universally inclined regarding the Piscean house, utilising its experience in a service or devotional capacity.  This may also prove a sensitive place, where things may be delicate and refined in their quality.

We may be creative and inspired in this arena of self and life.  Such a house may be a place of transcendent and divine opportunity, at its best, or sacrifice, loss and sorrow, at its worst.  Methods of ‘escape’ such as addictive patterns may also constellate regarding the concerns of the house in question, as there is often a sense of no boundaries where the sign of Pisces is.  Basically one’s intuition will often best guide in this essentially intangible realm. Pisces requires the classic development of faith and trust in the greater universal picture, to blossom into its best potential expression.


Ruling Planet

The ‘ruler’ of the sign of Pisces is considered by most ‘modern’ schools of astrology to be the planet Neptune, the mythic ruler of all waters, especially the mighty oceans  This body spends a long time in a sign, at an average of fourteen years, therefore, as with Uranus and Pluto, generations of individuals are born under the same zodiacal connection.   In the symbolism, even the ancients related their sea-gods to this asterism .  However, although Pisces may ‘resonate’/’affiliate’ with planet Neptune, rulership is questionable and a separate affair.  This is as the nature of ‘rulership’ (or dignity) concerns a particular philosophic foundation to which the ‘new’ planets have not been clearly applied.

Jupiter is the dignified, ‘old ruler’ and therefore the more ‘direct’ lord of Pisces and is also the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, in the yang aspect.  The Great Benefic spends approximately one year in a sign.  The nature of this planet in the birthchart will throw a greater light on the nature of the Piscean function.  The Jupiterian nature is particularly in terms of confidence, expansiveness and belief systems.  Jupiter’s own chart positioning and astrological condition will contribute importantly to the nature of the expression of Piscean energy within the horoscope.


Some Other Piscean Correspondences

Physiology & Health

The very typical Piscean-type is in general considered of a fine and tenuous constitution and can appear ‘ethereal’, wraith-like in the extreme, or fey, birdlike. 

It is the eyes that are said to be the most notable, of a watery quality, usually blue-grey, limpid, often heavy lidded, or protruding. 

Physically two other types are noted as representative of this sign---the ‘whale’ and the ‘dolphin’.  The ‘whale’ tends to fleshiness, fluid retention and the carrying of extra, protective ‘bulk’.  The energy of this sign tends to  a loosening of tissue, thus the skin tone may be flaccid.  Not all of these ‘whales’ are ‘huge’, but they may sometimes appear distorted, akward, or ungainly, as if the dry land is an alien environment.  The ‘dolphin’ type is described as the ‘dancer’, athletic, graceful and highly coordinated, such individuals seem to have a ‘flow’ in their movements.  Traditionally Pisces is said to be fair of complexion and the hair is most often dark, oily and abundant.

Physiologically Pisces rules the structure of the feet and toes. It is interesting that the feet are concerned with contact to the earth; this is the sign that is seen as the most ungrounded of all of the zodiacal energies.  Internally this sign rules the glandular system generally, the immune system, lymphatic system and synovial fluids.  It is also related to the fluidic system generally.  This type of energy is regarded to tend to a weakness in health and can also be seen to become prone to ‘psychic’, or etheric afflictions.  Therefore these sensitive types respond well to the subtle healing techniques and those of a spiritual, or intuitional, energetic nature.  

The very classic Piscean-type is said to be extremely sensitive to all drugs and has an addictive nature, thus must be careful as to what they choose to ingest and do to the physical vehicle.  Toxins, poisons and infections may be witnessed to gain easy entry and have devastating effect on the Piscean physical system.  The lack of boundaries of this zodiacal energy is also reflected in contagent and infectious outbreaks.

With the refined sensitivity and tendency to victim consciousness the Piscean-type can be prone to hypochondria and the likes of psychosomatic maladies.  Such individuals can become very invested in remaining ‘sick’ and often fulfil the position of the ‘identified patient’, in some way, in any group or context.  This sign also directly relates to anaesthetics, analgesics and sleep, therefore Pisces is liable to ‘go unconscious’ to escape, or process, the stuff of life that is being dealt.  At worst, this sign may appear to promote delusion and the madness of mental disorders of many varieties. 

This is the zodiacal archetype of asylum and banishment, therefore Pisces may involve such illnesses, that somehow remove one from society.  Pisces is also associated with secrets, thus ‘secret parts’ and their disease, especially syphilis.  This zodiacal energy also produces dampness and is related to processes involving phlegm and mucous, it is concerned with ‘consumptive’ diseases, especially those of the lungs.  Another interesting note is that Pisces is regarded as the most ‘fruitful’ of  signs and thus has been considered to reflect the potential production of twins, multiple births and large families.


Pure, glistening white, the full spectrum of the rainbow, blues and greens, soft pastels (especially ‘sea’ colours), watercolours, colours with illumination in them, cerise-violet on the chromatic scale.

Minerals & Gems

Aquamarine, palladium, gravel, amethyst, pumice, ‘stones’ of the sea, coral, shells, starfish, pearls, stones with water in their structural makeup, stones with spectrums which reflect all the colours of the rainbow, spectralite (especially white), clear crystal balls.

Plants & Herbs

Ferns, mosses, seaweed, water lilies, all plants which grow in the water, sponges, fungal growths, mushrooms, narcotic, addictive and soporific plants, opium poppy, marijuana, plants with hallucinogenic qualities.

Typical Vocations

Working with visionary goals and motivations, reflective vocations and those concerned with higher wisdoms, offering ‘high’ counsel, work involving the inspiring or uplifting of others, work with the collective, social services, service to the vulnerable, peace work, philanthropist, work relating to religion and answers to the ‘big’ questions, mystic, priest, nun, missionary, cosmologist, philosopher, occultist, disciple, aspirant, psychics, mediums, healers (especially spiritual), aromatherapists, work in institutions and behind the scenes, charity and volunteer work, wardens and imprisonment, prison, hospital, nursing, carers, counsellors, asylums, temples, ashrams, behind the scenes with anything, arts in general, especially dance, music and colour (visual art), theatre, professions involved in creating illusion/otherworlds/imagination, film, photography, image making, makeup artists, models, actors, illusionists, charlatans, conmen, sailors, swimmers, ‘professional’ victims, bar staff, the mining of fluids, work with drugs, pharmacology,  water, or alcohol – fluids, oils and unguents in general, vocations concerning marine environments or elements, dolphin trainer, oceanologist,  poets, creative design, psychiatry, psychology, therapists, working with symbols and dreams, spiritual gurus, ‘new age’ professions, jobs concerned with transcendence, ‘invisible’ illicit and hidden vocations, those who may make a profession of the impossible or unattainable.

Associated Tarot Card

Key 18 - The Moon - An image concerned with the fluctuation of perception, otherworldly reality, dreams, reflections and illusion.

Some Modern Keywords

Ethereal, spiritual, devoted, service, humility, otherworldly, transcendent, inspiration, faith, believing, ‘knowing’, sensitivity, chameleon, abstract, shapeshifting, unreal, mystic, abstracted, symbolic, kaleidoscopic, imagination, meditation, retreat, dissolve, malleable, mediumistic, psychic, intuitive, sacrificial, victim/martyr, cloying, codependent, introverted, merger, unindividuated, helpless, elusive, evasive, self-undoing, charlatan, lies, deceit, distortion, vague, procrastinating, timid, withdrawing, destabilised, undermined, unconscious, invisible, confused, unclear, veiled, enmeshed, escapist, addictive, insanity, madness, mirage, multi-faceted, artistic, emotive, caring, sympathetic, universal, global, cosmic, peace, sleep, requiem, absorptive, complex, porous, osmotic, boundless, weak, aesthetic, dreaming, rarefied, fantasy,  patient, tolerant, serving, tolerating, accommodating, all-encompassing.

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