Archetypal and Modern Gemini

Archetypal Principles

*Relatedness & Inversion* The Nature of Duality* Interaction and Variety* Curiosity for Higher Communication *

Primary Archetypal Type Messenger Scribe Trickster
Examples of Mythic Representations All Twins - The immortal other - Hermes/Mercury - Thoth - Hanuman – Puck - Peter Pan - Imps and little folk – All deities concerned with duality – Two-faced gods.
Examples of Archetypal Personas & Stereotypes Puer/Puella - Acrobat – Comedian - Magician - Mimic - Courier - Agent - Linguist - Student - Writer - Journalist - Switchboard Operator – Merchants – Tricksters – Sidekicks/Assistants.
Examples of Archetypal Objects and Symbols Caduceus, Wings, Wind, Butterfly, Quicksilver, Monkey, Siblings, Graffiti, Games, Gadgets.
Examples of Key Manifestations Information, gossip, movement, curiosity, thinking, learning, communication, interaction, pairing, doubling, youth, trade, discourse, transit, advertising, networking.
Primary Psychological Associations Focusing of mental energy – The importance of perception - Learning ability - Listening, communication and being heard - Personal adaptability and versatility – Multiplicity - Intellectualising - Modes of interaction – The knowing and transmitting of things.

Modern Gemini

Gemini as a Stage of Development

In the yearly cycle of the northern hemisphere the asterism of Gemini relates to the transition of Spring further into Summer. The daily temperature is getting warmer and nature is now extremely active, after gathering a certain stability and nurturance in the preceding Taurean stage.

Beings of all kingdoms are more active and everything is apparently bursting with an interactive ‘busyness’. Thus the essential qualities of this sign are symbolically represented in the realm of the natural, with new worlds explored, new things met and new concepts formed. As dualities may be played out, as different organisms network and interact via their many activities. In the symbolism of relating to the sequential zodiac to the unfoldment of a human infant’s life, the Geminian stage also involves themes of movement and activity, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Beyond the sensory development, mental development is furthering its growth, skills and awarenesses. In this stage the baby is more open to the immediate environment, as it furthers its primary individuation from out of infancy. Thus after establishing a more solid security in itself, as the general theme in the Taurean stage, the infant now reaches out into its surroundings and receives greater stimulation.

In reaching out into the immediate environment, siblings and other relatives beyond the parents, are often the other beings of note encountered. This is typically an extremely curious and active time and within it, walking and talking is eventually to be accomplished, furnishing more mobility and fingers (C-ruled) seem to get into more and more things. Accordingly the need to communicate expresses more greatly as well and thus greater articulation is attempted.

This is the early time when ‘messages’ are potentially taken in, as to how it is to be heard and apply the mind. Ideally communication and curiosity are positively reinforced and intelligently tempered during this phase of very primary learning. Logically, what is experienced during this phase of development will impact upon the subsequent learning and communicating situations as life unfolds. Thus the sign of Gemini, in the deeper psycho-emotional context may reflect such themes and issues.

Some Geminian Characteristics

“Gemini must learn not to dissipate his energies through superficial entanglements. Instead he must try to hear all the individual instruments in the symphony of life, at the same time integrating its various elements into a perfectly integrated whole”. The energy of an airy and mutable nature is naturally very restless and volatile in it’s maintaining of focus, hence such metaphysics needs to be allowed to move and requires constant stimulus. Such expression of energy can spread itself to a plethora of places, seeking experience and information with an insatiable drive.

Gemini could be nominated the quintessence of curiosity; it is said, in stereotype, that the Gemini-type will ‘read corn flakes packets’. Those with this sign prominent and unmitigated are usually quite social, communicative and may have a very ‘fresh’, or ‘light’ quality, inherent in their manner. Thus Gemini has, again, been stereotypically described as the ‘butterfly of the zodiac’, capable of lightly skipping from one thing of interest to another.

It is interesting that the concept of stereotype seems to rise so easily in attempting to explore the archetypal facets of this sign. This reflects the Geminian ‘lightening up’ of things and its associations with mimicry, even in some cases, to the gossamer-fine superficiality of the sanguine extreme. Typical Gemini-types tend to have many different acquaintances, interests and facets of stimulus in their lives.

The stereotype may be most often very busy, on the go, living a fast-paced and variable lifestyle, often in an intermittent ‘on-off’ dynamic. Sometimes there may be a certain ‘duality’ about it, as if ‘living two lives’, or ‘wearing more than one hat’. Positively, the energy of this sign supports versatility and adaptability and gives an openness, or eagerness, to experience and assimilate new information.

Out of all of the zodiacal archetypes, this sign may epitomise the principle of ‘multi-tasking’. Gemini and it’s ‘dignified lord’, or ruler Mercury, are both very concerned with the making of ‘connections’, when their archetypes are well-integrated, may reflect the ability to gather, relate and network information and others. This is the energy of the agent, or ‘go-between’, whose forte lies in the issuing of information and new perspectives, as befits the archetypal ‘messenger’ that is seen in the mythos.

With the unadulterated Geminian, there is most usually a love of words and script, plus often a skill with language, as this sign is concerned very much with the realms of reading, writing and speaking. Thus well-balanced Geminian energy reflects a potential ability and a possible therapeutic release, through such outlets. Gemini gives a liking, need, even urge for discourse and the exchange of opinion, especially a liking for the interchange of dualities. This sign is noted to be ‘competitive intellectually’ , which may make for an ambitious student and/or a lover and skilled player, of games.

Gemini rules all games, particularly the board games, cards and those involved with words and mental strategy. This energy can also be highly coordinated, flexible and adaptive, as befits its mutability of quality. This variable air sign is also noted as ‘fey’ (or ‘fairylike’), a quick, elusive energy, even stereotypically ‘elfin’ and hence it is connected with acrobatics, gymnastics and other ‘tricky’ physical abilities.

Dexterity of the hands, gesticulation and other types of movement, especially when communicating, is also a hallmark of this sign (and its ruler Mercury). In its purity this is an objectively intellectual sign, with a generally cerebral approach to life, as mental paradigms are constantly applied to all dimensions of experience.

Gemini is curious as to how different things ‘relate’ to each other and is usually aware of various relationships, on differing levels, at play in the immediate environment. Often, it is noted, though apparently busy and/or easily distracted, that ‘they usually do not miss a trick’. Thus the question arises as to how clear a frequency has this form of astrological energy got within the birthchart, where and what does it extend to and filter through? Gemini-types need to ‘circulate’, whether physically, emotionally or mentally, or in the extreme, even all at the same time. Thus in moving around such individuals may encounter much new interrelationship, stimulus and experience.

In its highest sense, this sign is about the developing of the greater use of the mind, especially in regards to the harnessing and nurturing of ideas that are of benefit, not only to the self, but for something even greater. The authentic Gemini-type is often very concerned with some variety of study, from hobbies to academic and classically learns quickly, therefore may voraciously compile information. This sign’s capacity allows for the multiple application of energies and therefore the ability to juggle many things at once, whether skilled or scattered.

Gemini/Mercury is also a prime astrological energy of exchange and mercantile trade, thus Geminians are often gifted in related fields, such as sales. These types omay often discover they are also here to disseminate information into society in some manner and this theme is associated with the essential Geminian correspondence with movement (air). This is the typical zodiacal archetype of speed, transit and deftness.

This zodiac sign is also regarded as symbolic of the energy of ‘youth’ and Gemini-types are usually seen to retain a youthful appearance, or a certain kind of ‘young edge’ within the humour in their persona and such like. One of the foremost of the Geminian traits that are in the negative, concerns the potential scattering and dissipation of energy.

As an essentially restless astrological field, this sign can appear to create an inability to focus and direct, thus the natural Geminian function occurs, but without any centering and stability. Thus the individual concerned may be very ‘ungrounded’, ‘up in the air’, evasive and hard to pin down. Such types are adverse to the commitment of being attached, to just one thing, for too long and thus may ‘flit away’ when it suits them.

The same fickleness may be created through being incredibly busy and on the move all of the time. This can possibly be deduced as a, probably largely unconscious, mechanism of a kind of control, through being too occupied with all sorts of multi-duties and interests. This is how Geminian energy may come to lack any intensity or impact, by spreading itself too thin. Unproductively, Gemini can reflect a ‘too light’ an application and it can make for superficial connections, as things become ‘short-lived’.

Geminian archetypal facets manifested unregeneratively as such, are often for the purpose of staying out of feelings, deeper vulnerabilities and higher self-responsibilities. This sign is classically uncomfortable dealing with the feeling level and has been accused of being out of touch with any resonance with emotional reality, it is said that Gemini ‘thinks it feels’. ‘I think’ is a catchphrase that is often a literal part of the Geminian vocabulary, as typically reflective of an extremely mentally-oriented sign.

Challengingly themes may constellate as an over-compensation due to insecurities around not feeling ‘clever’, or knowledgable enough. This is as the identity may be often centred in the cerebral, or informative, capacity. Thus, such an individual may have a ‘busy head’, displaying the likes of over-verbose babble, which can mean essentially nothing. In the extreme, Geminian energy may become as a caged bird, chattering to it’s own image in the mirror, subjectively basking in the nurturing sound of its own voice.

Learning to listen, to something else besides the self and sometimes even the self, is one of the truly major learning curves involving this astrological energy. Afflicted Gemini-types often complain about ‘not being heard’, or understood, and such an issue is often to do with some aspect of not really hearing others, or even themselves in some manner. Here Gemini is being required to locate the symbolic ‘middle way’, to finding a harmonious balance between the verbal and mental output and the intaking of stimulus and its processing.

The pure Geminian speed of functioning may be so quick as to keep from ‘settling down’ at any point and in being so natural, may be a conscious, or unconscious dynamic. This may be motivated by the aim, as not to connect with individual feelings, yet alone the feelings of others and the real depth of impact of any situation. Ultimately, this naturally mind-oriented energy is called to relate the cerebral aspect positively, particularly in terms of moving towards the emotional dimensions, in the sense of psycho-emotional alchemy.

As a dual sign the mysticism of Gemini is said to be representative of the higher and lower centres of the consciousness of the soul. Thus those with this sign strong are often experiencing the vacillation between such states of consciousness (and intellectual and emotional consciousness), though not necessarily aware of it. As an embodiment of the principle of duality, Gemini-types are not only necessarily ‘light’ and superficial, as there is always another side to the Twins. Thus the ‘greater the light’, the ‘greater may be the shadow’ and not to ignore all of the variability that can manifest inbetween such parameters.

Some Geminians may sit more strongly in their so-called ‘darker’, or deeper, aspect and therefore display a seriousness and profundity that seems remarkable, in comparison to the ‘lightweight’ stereotype (especially when other parts of the horoscope concur). Mythological Mercury, the ‘god’ of this sign, could go anywhere, from the outer and upper worlds, to the underworld at will and return, plus was a patron of philosophers and scientists. The symbolism of such mythology reflects the dexterity of the mind and the potential awesome power of this mental facet of being.

In the extreme, negative Gemini can manifest as the ‘dark twin’, mentally destructive to self and others, therefore deeply in need of locating and integrating the ‘light twin’. As in the highest sense this sign regards the creating of a balanced relationship in considering any dualism, within and without of, the self. At its worst, this energy may fragment and ‘split’, when devoid of higher focus and containment, making for a ‘schizoid’, dissociate, or ‘partitioned’ demeanour.

Twins may typically be as ‘peas in pod’, or conversely polarised reflections of the same thematic issues. In the middle of these two extremes there can be a manifestation of a certain sameness and a certain polarisation. More appropriate, and still simply, ‘they may be peas in a pod, but same not’. Gemini is a mutable air sign, it is usually more complex and protean than just a black and white form of duality that is habitually fixed to its symbolism.

Another great Geminian lesson is said to regard the opening up to access a greater sense of wisdom from the higher aspect of the personal nature. The polarity zodiac sign of Sagittarius talks about the ‘bigger picture’, in contrast to its zodiacal opposites’ propensity for over-focusing on the ‘tiny pieces’ of life.

As the so-called ‘eternal student’ face of Gemini may be fated to a constant drive, of just encountering and amassing lots of information.

Synthesising this knowledge into a greater whole and distilling self-empowered meaning and purpose from it, is the most usual challenge. Otherwise this type of person is the constantly gathering experience and stimulating themselves, but with no real expansion into growth, wisdom and application.

Human development comes largely through the mechanisms of discourse, learning, the interaction of thought and information and all of the signs of the ‘mutable cross’ speak of the process of becoming a more ‘global/universal’ human being .

Thus the Geminian gathering and exchange of information, is followed by the order and more concrete defining in Virgo, thus Sagittarius may synthesise a meaning and purpose which gives the platform for the grasping of the universality, as reflected in the last and possibly most mutable of all signs, Pisces.

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