April 4, 2007
Goodbye, Steve.

Just heard the sad news today that Steve Jolley, creator of the Grounded Heavens astrological diary, has passed on.

Steve was a very good astrologer as well as a nice guy. I last saw him at John Frawley's workshop in October, Steve bustling in with great enthusiasm for the subject, as always.

Previously Steve had helped me out by sending me some experimential "Chiron drops" he was working on. These were essences using a particularly severe storm's rainwater, along with other native herbs he found in the Queensland bush.

In his calendars, the highlight was always Steve's prognostication.

In his usual style he sums up our (or anyone's) difficult times: "The way we respond to the times defines us. When we create new response patterns in ourselves, we redefine the world. We create a new reality. The majestic cycles of the galaxy and the solar system alter not one whit, but they are subtly different. There is a fundamental shift in our relationship with them, and things are different. No-one sees this change except ourselves and our nearest and dearest, but there is a roll-on effect which reverberates thoughout the universe. We are making the world anew."

R.I.P. Steve.

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