Friday August 25, 2006

Pluto Demoted

Oh boy this is one for the (astrological) history books.

Just when we were getting quite comfortable incorporating Pluto's dark energy into the horoscope, it has been officially declassified as a planet. Cue pearl-clutching. Personally, I think this latest development suits Pluto's character quite aptly---mysterious, hidden, undesirable, inimical to human expansionism---we don't really want to think about the subjects that Pluto represents in astrology.

It's too late to get rid of Saturn; once Christiaan Huygens flashed up the telescope optics to pick out the beautiful rings of Saturn, we were stuck with death, depression, and all other forms of constriction.

Perhaps in the war on drugs we can declassify Neptune. Or quell potential revolutions by blowing up Uranus. Wait. Weren't there revolutions before the discovery of Uranus? Didn't the Israelites rise up against the Roman occupiers? No offence, but where was their Uranus then? Kidding.

We are better off as astrologers to stick to the luminaries and 5 visible planets.

There is one major reason why astrology is based on the 7 objects and not 10.
We can see all the planets from Mercury to Saturn with the naked eye. So it is and so it always has been.

As John Frawley says: “Uranus is already in the zodiac as the whole thing---let there be Light, the potential for everything that could ever be, drawn down into realization by the planets, Saturn first who castrated Uranus and thus limited our potential in the world.”

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