Some Aphorisms from John Frawley

Whether you call him "Master" or "Apprentice," we will always think of him as "Mister" Frawley.

Arguably the world's Horary astrology specialist, Mr. Frawley has travelled far and wide attempting to teach dullards such as myself.

The following is a loose grouping of his most potent ideas. Don't read it unless you want to become a better astrologer! Seriously. You might regret what you may stumble upon as a result...

Part the First ---- a few ideas with which to begin
Lunar astrology suits nomadic movement, while the Sun is the focus of those who have settled down to one place.

Astrology was passed to us from God, and this "revealed faith" is congruent with the traditions of astrology.

Profit, stocks etc are 2nd house issues. Profit relates to the fertility of the sign.

The principle of cazimi---“Mercy is in the heart of the King.” A planet in cazimi can get away with things because no one can see what it is up to.

In questions to do with whether the person will go to jail, the significator going into a sign of its Fall or Detriment is a strong indicator of a yes.

Horses are associated with our desire nature, and so belong to the 12th house---the house of “sin.” Small animals and those animates we possess are in the 6th, while the 4th is the house of “buried treasure.”

If, in a horary about a lost object and the object is represented by an earth sign, then the object is on the ground.

A medical question needs the whole chart read. So the 6th house should not be singled out. Find the first house of the quesitor, the ruler, and its temperament and aspects, also the last and next aspects of the Moon.

Considerations before judgement are open doors for the astrologer, so the chart doesn’t have to be read if they don’t want to read it (or think they will not be paid for it).

When reading ancient texts, watch out for:
1) material written to flatter or please the King
2) aphorisms; First Principles cannot be violated
3) insanity (!)

First Principles = the philosophical background to astrology. God is perfect, and there is no “before” or “after.” If God is perfect then His Creation must also be perfect. Time starts in the middle, with the Revelation. This can be represented as a straight line up and down, with Time moving out in rings around the line of the Revelation.

There is “a” time for every purpose. Time is not a constant.

Synastry is the triumph of Hope over Experience! Why doesn’t it work? The timing of a relationship is essential. We have to meet at the right time. So we need to know where they are in their orbit, as it relates to us too.


Part the Second --- the Arabic Parts and ways to enlightenment
Light starts astrology, and the essence of Light is immaterial, the kind which moves from planet to planet (becoming en”light”ened). Nothing can stop this light. This is what is meant by the Translation of Light, it is the Essence which is being carried from and to (objects and people). 

When two people gaze into each other’s eyes, what is happening is the Light being reflected back and forth. The Light is Essence and Soul and binds two people together. 

Natal charts provide a dispassionate view of character, and can be considered the Lesser Mystery in astrology.

(Revelation and Koran refer to?) astrology being given to Man. It is not a man-made construct.

Some of the important uses of astrology are in locating the Pilot of the Soul---which planet is in charge, and which planet is in the least-bad condition.

The Essence and Light of the Angelic order can be seen in the dignity and condition of the planets. By abandoning essence we are left only with the material. For example: Venusian things are of the essence of Venus, and they are one with Venus.

Accidental/Essential dignities are not equal.
Essential = Essence, and shows how close that planet is to its divine nature, its natural Goodness.

The Pilot of the Soul is the best-behaved planet, and has got to have some essential dignity. But even a well-dignified planet is weakened if it cannot act (i.e. in 12th house).

“Scoring” debility or dignity is usually irrelevant, and matters only when the matter concerns a certain planet. So, take account of dignity when it is pertinent to the question.

In the ancient past, people perceived astrology by direct revelation and by intuition. But we here live in the material world.

Judging the person’s level (of soul development) through:
1) Joys of the planets in the chart
2) Exaltations in the chart
3) 7 key Arabian parts

For example: Mercury is in its Joy in the 1st house, and this is the Word made material.
Why are these placements Joys?

Saturn---the 12th is the house of Sin, captivity, self-inflicted---but this placement also gives a hint of the way out, by using Saturn we utilize restraint.
Mars---the 6th house is the place where we suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, it’s the nasty things the world does to us such as illness. We deal with it by doing Mars stuff, things like surgery to correct ill health are Mars driven---it is how we use Mars to put right the matters of the 6th house. It can also be seen as the Jihad.

No one can explain why the Exaltations are where they are. (J.F. says he has tried to understand from many points of view but has failed. Therefore he has concluded that the Exaltations are where the planets were at the time of Creation).

The opposite of a planet’s Joy is its Gloom.

The 7 key Arabian Parts are all derived from the Part of Fortune (note: J.F. does NOT use day/night formulas and all these parts are calculated according to a day formula for P.Fortune).

1) Part of Fortune---Asc. + Moon – Sun
2) Part of Spirit---Asc + Sun – Moon
3) Part of Victory---Asc + Jupiter – Part of Spirit
4) Part of Courage---Asc + Part of Fortune – Mars
5) Part of Love---Asc + Part of Spirit – Part of Fortune
6) Part of Despair---Asc + Part of Fortune – Part of Spirit
7) Part of Captivity---Asc + Part of Fortune – Saturn

1) Sun = Love, indicated by its continuous outpouring. Moon = Poverty, because it is always missing a part and so longs for the Sun. When it is Full it is perfect, and the handmaid of the Lord of the Soul. PF is what we most dearly love and where the person’s treasure lies. (Part of Fortune)
2) This is where we can get to when we get everything else right. (Part of Spirit)

3) We are given victory, and this is where we receive Grace. This point shows the bridging of the space between us and the Divine. (Part of Victory)

4) Mars is Greatness of Soul, where we can transcend the ego, where this part is says where we can get beyond the ego. It is “right action, where we might sacrifice. (Part of Courage)

5) Venus is the planet of conciliation, of being reunited, where we have desire to be One (with someone else or the Divine) but Venus can hurt---because wanting to be conciliated implies we are not presently conciliated---this Part is the Soul in Action. (Part of Love)

6) Part of necessary limitations in the World and how this makes us suffer, where being incarnated hurts most. (Part of Despair)

7) This is where we most imprison ourselves but also how we can release ourselves. It has the nature of the 12th house. If it is closely aspected especially by its own dispositor then the person is capable of freeing themselves through the actions of that planet. (Part of Captivity)

Part the Third --- the Mind
In a horary chart, when the Moon is VOC it signifies the querent (as co-significator) who will not be bothered to do what is necessary to get the desired result.

Temperament---this is the manner, how people do things. For “wit”----cleverness, how the mind works, how well-ordered the mind is and how healthy and sane---we look at Mercury and the Moon. Do they “behold?” Can the planet see the other--- if adjacent (semisextile) or quincunx---they cannot see each other.

Mercury is the left brain. Moon is the right brain. Moon is action of Grace, which is why we need it connected to our Mercury, since we cannot have a thought without Moon.

Mercury + Sun (combust) is a sign of a powerful mind, for prying through things without being observed as doing so. The Moon reflects the Divine Essence into our minds, and this is clear when Moon, Sun, and Mercury interaspect. The actual strength of Mercury doesn’t matter.

Mercury retrograde shows a slow start to learning, and for all life must not be trusted too far in and of itself. Knowledge is internalised but might be too subjective.

If the planets do not behold each other, but there is mutual reception then this helps.

In terms of the elements, cardinal = go, initiating, drive forward. Fixed = exploring every nuance, every aspect. Mutable = return and contemplation.

Temperaments: warriors (cholerics), scribes (sanguines), farmers (melancholics), and slaves (phlegmatics).

Oceans of water = desire nature, and Neptune is the God of Desire Nature.

Although Aquarius has the Water Bearer in its glyph, the water of Aquarius is the sweet water of Reason. The rest of the water signs are salt water of desire.

Similar and opposite types do not get along. Opposites have total incomprehension for each other (for example Melancholics and Sanguines). Ideally you would want one element in common with each other.

Lunar Latitude
This is the Moon’s movement over the ecliptic.
Sometimes the natal Moon is relatively close to the nodal points (short latitude), and sometimes relatively far away (long latitude). This is lunar latitude (not declanation), and it chops the world into 2 bits. In other words, it is how close to eclipse events you were born. Long latitude people are “spiky,” (I assume he means confrontational, provocative etc. and where he probably places himself), whereas short latitude people are “cuddly” (for what this is worth).
Long latitude people are extreme whereas short lat. people play it safe. Looking at a progressed Moon---from North or South Long latitudes, when these points are reached then major turnarounds can be experienced, and this is particularly useful for mundane charts.

Recommended reading:
Burckhardt/Ibn Arabi---this is esoteric astrology and is available at Macrobius---the commentary on the Dream of Scipio (the Roman general who defeated Hannibal)
Martine---Sexual Astrology (seriously he really did recommend this and I think I have it!)

The dark part of the Moon is in the World of the Divine, and the other part is in our world…it is completely Divine and it is corrupted (not sure of the context)

He mentions the Mansions of the Moon, and their particular importance to Electional astrology.

In any second our whole life is all there, past/present/future, which is why we can predict.

Mr. Frawley's Workshop This was mainly on horary.
The Regiomontanus house system is used for its timing which is Earth-based and suggests the whims/illusions/ fantasies of this realm.

Many times in horary, the wrong question is asked. (And I add: or asked at the wrong time---consult your gut instincts as to how sincerely you want to know the answer. With practice it will become clear when the time is right, passed, or still to come).

The Chaldean Order:
House 1) Saturn---the Soul becomes incarnate House

2) Jupiter---wealth House

3) Mars---journeys of daily round of a routine nature, so Mars deal with these House

4) Sun---rules Fathers House

5) Venus---Good Times House

6) Mercury---rules doctors, and this house rules ill health House

7) Moon---natural partner opposite to Ascendant House

8) Saturn---given its nature by Saturn, who is God of Doors, as it gives door in it also gives the door out of Life House

9) Jupiter---Holy, the rainbow bridge to the Divine House

10) Mars---Master of our Empire, whatever that is House

11) Sun---House of Gifts of the King, of Good things which drop down in the way that the Sun shines down onto us. House

12) Venus---House of Sin, Self-Undoing and Venus leads us into temptation

Remember, these are NOT House rulers, they are there to give the House its nature.

The 6th house is NOT the house of work (that is the 10th). The 6th indicates people who work for us such as slaves. It is those who serve or slave.

The 2nd house and cars. They belong here because they are movable possessions, and the 2nd also is house of food and the act of eating. Don’t mistake function with object.

The 11th house is about friends who benefit us, and so those who do us a favour or help us in times of need are like “a gift from the King.”

In horary you only check the planets if they are involved in the action.

In a woman’s chart, Venus/Sun shows her animal passions *providing they are not ruling the other person.

A change in reception shows a change of attitude and this is the sign change, where something happens to trigger the change in attitude.

Peregrine means having no essential dignity nor debility, spewing out rays that are lukewarm in no apparent moral direction, where there is no drive to either evil or good but more likely to evil (probably by taking the path of least resistance, eh?)

Peregrine planets have no strength.

For a man, the Sun is the function of sex. It is common to see the cheated spouse being ruled by the lover, or vice versa, and this shows the politics of the situation.

The Part of Marriage---Asc + Desc. – Venus The planet which disposits the Part of Marriage, stands as that thing. This is always the case. For example, the Part of Marriage in Leo has the Sun standing for the marriage of the people involved.

Whether the future of the marriage shows children: ---the 5th house, and the 5th of the 7th which is the 11th house ---the Lord of the 1st, 5th, 7th, 11th, Part of Marriage, and dispositor of the Part of Marriage ---the fertility of the signs involved:
Fertile---Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Barren---Gemini, Virgo, Leo

Look for Sun dignities for the sign of homosexuality, when it is in the proper context (ie a man’s significator conjunct Mars and Sun in Aries; all ruled by Mars and exalting the Sun---he likes men). Mars = lust; Sun = men;

Lord of the 1st = head attitude; Moon = heart attitude.

Aspects = verb; Planet = noun; Sign = adjectives including good and bad

Things behave better in their own house (sign). Things are arranged the way they like it. In exaltation the planets are like honoured guests and they get the best of everything. In a relationship at the start, we exalt the Other and are ignoring their feet of clay. Sooner or later the bubble will burst, but an exalted planet has exaggerated honour.

For the trip rulers, he uses 2 for Horary, and the Dorothean trips for natal charts. A trip ruler in reception feels something like friendship, warm and nice but not passionate.

And there are qualitative differences between dignities. In a reception by Fall there is exaggerated loathing. A planet in Fall sees things as much worse than they are.
For example: Mars in Cancer in its triplicity, but in Fall, and this reflects the normal ambivalence of life, our own personal strength.

Fall is a much more strong negative than positive trip rulership. Reception also shows how the other parts of your life talk or connect to other parts. Unaspected planets need to have some reception in order to talk to the other planets. A badly behaved planet should be strengthened through its “friends”---planets who are positive in mutual reception. We should act through those positive and positively-connected planets, instead of straight through the ill-behaved planet.

The Ascendant is particularly us. The Lord of the 1st is the most “me-ness.” When the Asc/MC is ruled by the same planet, then use the Lord of the Asc to represent oneself (or the querent) and for the MC use the next sign in the 10th house.

Planets in houses affect the affairs of that house for better or worse. After taking the next sign, any planet on the cusp of the house can signify the affairs of it. For example: A question of taking one job vs another job---sign on the cusp is current job, next sign is next job. For 2nd wife, take the 2nd sign in the 7th house. We can pick the strongest planet and live that, or marry that.

The ruler of the MC is default ruler of our vocation, but that is the routine version of job. We can choose another planet, one which is strongest, to follow as our truest vocation.

Venus as the planet of conciliation comes in different grades, from malfunctioning to very good.

The Sun is heart, in core sense.
The Moon is mind.
Perfection---an aspect has to perfect or nothing happens.
A significator aspecting within 2-3 degrees could affect outcome. But the fewer characters (planets) involved, the better. In horary, less is more.

In a chart about illness particularly, then the whole chart is used. But if the ruler of the 6th bumps into another then illness may be a factor.

Collection or Translation of Light---either they can be connected or not. Receptions and essential dignity imply how the connection works.

Collection---2 planets we want to connect are both aspecting a third; it is collecting their light and bringing them together (the third must be the slowest of the 3).

A change in sign indicates a change of attitude. And there are no aspects to out-of-sign placements (!).

Weather forecasting: Everything is based on Hot/Cold/Wet/Dry and Mercury for wind.

The sign on the house cusp ---for ex., what will the weather be like for my party? Look to the sign on the 5th, and what sign is the ruler in? If it indicates Wet, then look to the Moon to check Wet-ness. A Moon in Pisces is very wet. Conjuncting Jupiter in Pisces makes it a very big wet.

Asking questions twice: every instant of time is different so it is impossible to ask exactly the same question twice.

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