Tuesday, April 11, 2006
The Ordinary Lightness of Dignity

Personal disposability
has become a primary fear. We desire full individuality and yet cannot allow ourselves to be as Nature intended us to be; we become convinced we are not and never will be good enough as is. The siren call of constant re-invention has permeated our culture. If we take this “call” too seriously, we are in danger of losing our identity. Being marginalized by society is not a good feeling. But try losing your sense of self.

I know what it's like to drop off the radar socially.

At first I thought I'd be terribly lonely, but there are actually quite a few of us here in purgatory-with-a-small-p. Ugly, unemployable, aging, fat, ill, busy care-taking another, crazy…we're all here. It's not such a bad place. Like a commune. The kind of commune where nobody knows they are actually in that commune and so don't know the rules or anyone else who lives there. And the drugs are really bad, man.

Making any sense yet?

The Venusians of this particular world are, of course, quite horrified to be any kind of outcast, bereft of other people's admiration.

The Martians writhe impotently against “the System.”

The solar people are deeply ashamed but act “as if” nothing could thwart their dignity.

Mercurial folk understand the issues involved, look behind the messages for other messages, and find the situation keeps them in touch with The People (a.k.a. all those other folks who are also living up a river in Egypt).

Jupiterian's see the big picture and just know they are there to inspire others who are also downtrodden. It also is an opportunity for them to be a big fish in a little pond. And boy will they let you know it.

Saturnian's never expected much from anyone else. They won't leave the house without their "if looks could kill" spectacles.

And lunar types feel society's rejection of them keenly, taking it out on anyone who will listen to their blog-gy rants.

Oh oh!

These planetary descriptions come into play when someone has a personal planet in detriment or fall. Read about Essential Dignities and Debilities written by the great Donna O'Connor, here

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