Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Today’s Question: Why do we have a birth chart?

We need a short-cut to self-knowledge. Some people believe that astrology is “received from God” to help us with the Big Questions of life and move our souls toward purity.

Thomas Moore (author of The Planets Within) sees the horoscope as a symbolic representation of our fantasies and life patterns.

Therapists might find the horoscope useful for exploring someone’s psyche. That sounds alright if you are a psychologist, but in the wrong hands this kind of idea could take some strange turns.

Imagine looking at a friend’s chart and seeing the “signature” of a tyrant. Would you completely reassess their character, or would you decide to dig deeper into the story of their lives?

People are complicated. We are unknowingly born into several Fates---the character of our Mother and Father, their economic circumstances, their genes, their culture, the political circumstances of our Country, the time of year, the weather where we live, the geography around us…you can see that reading Destiny from one birth chart is a matter of straining the liquids of life to be left with the elixir of essence.

What does this knowledge of essence matter? It is too fragile to be of much value in a material world. Or is that just cynicism speaking up from its lonely jail cell?

Lots of things are called “essences” and bottled up to be sold. But our own secret stash is the stuff of gold fusion. If you practice Alchemy you know that a process can go through many stages. So too does a life. A birth chart reflects the personal Light, Space, and Time of our allotment. We can study it or not, that is our choice. 

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