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By striking at his beliefs about life’s meaningfulness (Uranus conjunct Pluto opposed Jupiter in Pisces in the 9th House of the spirit) these outer planets lend a depersonalisation to his highest goals. Is Robert unconsciously driven to please God through achieving vocational success?

If the House where Pluto resides reveals our largest fear, then perhaps the young Robert believed that saying the wrong thing brings terrible wrath from Father down upon him---Sun ruling the 3rd cusp and squaring Moon in the house of “things that go bump in the night.”
[18] But if he placated and wheedled through Mercury he could at least appeal to Mother or other sympathetic folk---Mercury in large-orbed separating trine to Moon.

However even there he had to be careful. Mercury intercepted in the 4th House of the home, in Libra, indicates a voice “consumed” by the family etiquette. In some situations he can speak freely as long as it is couched in the proper terms. At work Robert may act differently to people depending on whether he has placed them in the Sun or Moon “camp.” All in all Robert’s Mercury is busy trying to keep everybody happy. Ironically, it is having just the opposite result.

Robert may feel unconsciously terrified by his “lost” voice. In the consultation, I would ask him if he ever had bad dreams; the square to Mercury from the 12th House Mars makes me think of nightmares of screaming with no sound emerging. If he said yes then the culprit originates from this area of the chart; he then can be directed toward an accredited hypno-therapist to safely negotiate the netherworld of the 12th House.

With such an unconscious fear running, Robert may intensify his efforts to make others notice him, to hear his voice. He may engage in a back-and-forth strategy of now-I-like-you, now-I-don’t; below the surface relentless Pluto continues its mandate of merciless self-confrontation and irrevocable change.

First to feel its heavy touch through a smooth sextile is the Venus/Neptune
conjunction in Robert’s house of creative ventures. Co-ruled by Pluto in the intense and profoundly sensitive sign of Scorpio, this is no light-hearted pair.

Venus---lover, relator, and creator of beauty---may not be officially part of Robert’s job description, but as the ruler of his Mercury (all roads lead to Mercury) she definitely has her influence. If behind every successful man there is a woman, then it could also be said that behind our ability to communicate is our modus operandi and that is the ruler of Mercury.

Joined with super-idealistic
Neptune this combination says “Love is all that matters!” What form "love" takes is questionable for certain individuals. We have no insight to the workings of Robert's heart, and so must leave this matter as a potential, only.

Venus being in Detriment [19] and ruled by heavy-hitter Mars means Love generally will be a battle and one which could be lost by saying The Wrong Thing. A further possible expression could be that whenever Robert has tried to use his creativity he has been mocked or derided for his work. The 7th House Saturn squaring Mercury’s ruler backs up this particular theme. Tender Venus has learned to flinch from cruel Authority. Mercury is given yet another reason to stay far away from taking up true maturity. The genuine Self cannot be expressed for fear of rejection.

With the Sun in the 4th “one’s own sense of individuality is projected upon the father at the beginning of life, so the father carries the image of the potential self…” [20] The 4th House is Father’s house, all that is traditional and one’s central, grounded being [21].

When we want to find out who we are, we must “return home” and so Robert will always return to this point in his horoscope. From this position the Sun is opposing Robert’s MC, and ruling the 2nd and 3rd House cusps. Robert’s drive to express out into the world has been profoundly affected by his father’s attitudes. His success in supporting himself financially, and how he expresses himself on a day-to-day basis can all be traced back to the condition of his core Self.

Saturn, bringer of the hard lessons in life, conjuncts the South Node and rules his 7th House of relationships and open enemies. Remember, also, that Saturn is placed strongly by occupying the angular 7th house of relationships.

No matter what he does or says Robert will always meet Saturn in other people.

When he was young this must have been a bitter experience. He would have had no way of understanding that he was looking at his own capacity for restriction. Angular, conjunct the South Node and strong in its own co-rulership, this Saturn is impossible to ignore.

How much better it is to make it other people who are Saturn!

Retrograde, it is square to Venus: “cellular knowledge” declared that whatever Robert did was never good enough. Saturn square to Neptune (co-ruler of the MC and in aspect to the ruler of Scorpio): here is the voice behind “playing office politics in order to get ahead.”

If a person doesn’t think they will ever be good enough, then how much harder they must work to achieve the standard of success they have set for themselves. And that standard is determined by the Sun, by Father. What man doesn’t want to surpass the success achieved by his father? Leo on the North Node in the 1st House of personal expression and vitality
[22] indicates the direction in which he must go to reach wholeness of being.

Through his Sun he is challenged to become as a King who leads by example (Leo on the 3rd House cusp of personal expression), and achieves financial success (Leo on the 2nd House cusp of one’s resources) by means of his own efforts. The applying trine from Sun to Saturn indicates integration is possible in time, at the right time. Has that time finally come?

Looking ahead I see transiting Saturn squaring Robert’s natal Sun and conjuncting his Moon, both in May 2003. In 2005 he experiences Saturn coming over his Ascendant and opposing itself, thus crystallizing the process of incorporating its parental qualities. This gives a time framework for its unfoldment. It’s not too early to roll up our sleeves now and get to work!

“He has come for help to find other ways to express his ambition, and find ways of getting on better with his colleagues.”

A 9th House Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Chiron and 5th House Neptune conjunct Venus in Scorpio rules the MC. Chiron acts as a magnifying glass, bringing into sharp relief the issues which can be at the base of our deepest existential pain. Related to Chiron’s spiritual longings are the marked difficulties associated with a lack of Fire. Robert would find it hard to feel optimism, joy, and faith in his life. [23]

Creativity and the realm of the Divine Being
[24] and higher learning [25] manifest as vital to the vocation, and begs the question---how is this need being filled with Robert’s work? Pisces on the MC can also indicate a tendency to feel confused in one’s career. Robert can be alerted to the higher needs associated with any work he will do, whatever the vocation. He needs to hear how satisfying it will be to him personally, if he were to consider himself in the role of inspirational leader.

Robert plainly has the capacity to get on well with other people---depending on who they are and what they mean to him. When he is oriented toward service, his Sun Self shines. He can work well within the rules and regulations of his position, act with empathy, and conduct himself responsibly in his relations with others.

On the other hand, when
under the power of his emotions, his actions and words go to work in order to deflect perceived rejection. Thus the defence mechanisms and distancing behaviours begin and confusion is generated by the mixed messages. His deep anxiety to succeed propels him to work relentlessly on his own behalf. There is no wonder he has created a most uncomfortable social atmosphere for himself at work through his own actions.

In our consultation, I would ask Robert to fully describe his interactions with his customers and then compare that with how he is with his co-workers. Where is he different? I would suggest that he try to see his co-workers as customers, as people who genuinely need his assistance, too.

Could they use some help sourcing information, for instance? Robert would be brilliant with that task. In attempting to treat his co-workers as equals, he is actually meeting Saturn in Aquarius---exacting taskmaster. As an overachiever he sees them as obstacles to his goals. If he were to treat his co-workers as he does his customers---and is sincere---he can begin to incorporate the Authority figure and act with paternal responsibility.

He has now reached the age where he can give advice based on experience. If he takes the attitude that he is there to help them in their career he is creating a win-win situation. I would remind Robert that this is how a manager thinks. By creating a personal environment of trust---becoming consistent in his words, taking time not only to talk but to listen, opening up and sharing problems---he would be sending a clear message to higher-ups that his time had come. Robert would at last be able to join with those who guide and lead.

Copyright: Margaret Penner Choinskl

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