How do eclipses affect the natal Sun and Moon?

By Nadia MacLeod

     In consideration of the question of how an eclipse would influence an individual if it was to conjunct their Sun or Moon, I think it would all depend upon the dignity of the Sun or Moon in the chart. Dignity encompasses such considerations as sect, sign placement and house placement. It would also depend upon the flavour of the eclipse whether benefic or malefic and which house the eclipse fell in.

For example, a solar eclipse conjunct the natal Sun in a diurnal chart would have far more effect than the same eclipse on a nocturnal Sun.

"When the Sun is diurnally placed in the chart above the horizon it has its maximum power, assuming of course that it is not in the eight or twelfth houses."[1] This Sun sets the tone for the whole chart, its diurnality imparting more masculinity, heat and vigour.

If this Sun is eclipsed then the individual will truly feel it - it will affect the way this person interacts, expresses and takes action in the world. I think that the eclipse would stimulate an inner process generally not encountered by a very solar individual, resulting in previously unexperienced or undesired reflection and contemplation coming to the fore. Its solar light / self is extinguished for a moment allowing other lunar faculties to rise to the surface.

For a nocturnal Sun however, the energy of the Sun is already cooler, slower and more feminine. The lunar states are more familiar as the Moon is the ruler of the chart not the Sun. A solar eclipse for this individual is less of a shock, and may even be a welcome revelatory experience as to the Suns /souls true purpose. This individual would suffer less a sense of loss of self during the eclipse than the diurnal Sun person.

Rose Lineman states that "situations and experiences associated with this aspect promote self interest in the affairs activated. The individual places great importance upon the capacity to assume the leading role in managing and directing the affairs …An exact conjunction creates the potential for a major event of the types that proves to be a milestone in life."[2]

When considering a solar eclipse conjunct the Moon, it would be fair to state that a solar eclipse would have more impact upon the Sun in a chart than it would upon the Moon.

However, again the sect of the Moon would influence the impact of the eclipse. A solar eclipse conjunct a diurnal Moon would have more effect than a solar eclipse conjunct a nocturnal Moon.

"This aspect brings emotional and instinctual drives described by the natal Moon into focus…Its influence extends into affairs ruled by and aspected by the natal Moon. Events associated with this aspect have emotional impact upon the individual, and in the case of an exact conjunction, the effect can be traumatic, especially if the conjunction is severely afflicted."[3]

When considering the manifestation of any eclipse upon an individual, or country for that matter, observing the house(s) in which the eclipses fall is of vital importance. Whilst it can be very difficult to predict the exact nature of events surrounding and following an eclipse, by noting the houses one can at least ascertain the areas of life that will be affected.

In conclusion, "eclipses seem like wild cards stressing emotions or bringing chaotic events or, at times apparently having little effect. They can sometimes be positive and very exciting and at other times herald a period of difficulties."[4] As modern astrologers, with access to more information and the ability to study history and communicate quickly with others, I think that our understanding of eclipses will grow over time into a surer methodology and art form.

Copyright: Nadia MacLeod



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