By Margaret Penner Choinski

1)    What third of Clinton’s life is the most fortuitous?  

To examine the apportions of life we look to the Ascendant and its three trip rulers. In Mr. Clinton’s chart he has Libra Rising. The Air sign trip rulers of the ascendant in his diurnal chart are as follows:  Saturn (first third of life), Mercury (second third of life), and Jupiter (last third of life).

In Clinton’s chart Mercury in Leo appears to have the greatest dignity of these three planets. It is angular, diurnally placed, oriental to the Sun in a diurnal chart, in a masculine sign---making it in Hayz---and sextile to the Ascendant.

It also sextiles Venus, ruler of the Ascendant. Mercury ruling the second portion of Life has the most dignity, therefore from the years of 25-30 to about 50-60 would be
Clinton’s best.

2)    Can he be a negotiator and make compromises?

Negotiations skills come under the third trip ruler of the Fourth House. In this chart Capricorn lies on the cusp with the three rulers of Venus, Moon, and Mars. Here Mars is badly placed in Libra: “Mars in sect falling in the house of Venus…receive gifts and thanks from powerful women; they become cupidinous, flattering, libidinous weaklings, and they profit from friends, and from the aforesaid things, or from perverse women…”[1]

Its angular placement and conjunction with its ruler Venus strengthens it considerably, as does its nocturnal position under the horizon.

Mars also makes a sextile to a very strong Mercury, allowing him good communication skills. However, the detriment of Libra makes his judgement questionable, as well as his motivation for making the compromises he does.

Conjunct with Venus, this Mars is much too invested in a smooth path for its own sake, losing the masculine forward thrust of the pioneer, in favour of one which keeps everything ‘nice’ and serving a powerful libido. Libra of course does provide for negotiation skills and compromise.

A strongly Venusian Mars leading the negotiations brings to the handshaking and baby-kissing role a charming charisma. Compromise would appear to come easily, the operative word being “appear.” His own libidinous agenda is the one that is always underlying his actions, however.

3) Does he gain the rewards of his hard labour?

The Sixth House cusp is the place to look. The third trip ruler, here, the Moon in Taurus, indicates hard labour. This Moon is placed in the Eighth House and out of sect. With its square to the Sun and considering the above factors, the Moon does not indicate that “favours from women” are going to be without grief.

The Moon also rules the MC that bodes trouble for public aspects of his career, built from his labours. Where he has money (Taurus) and women involved together will bring trouble---Rob Hand suggests Whitewater evolved from this Moon.[2]

4)    Do his employees benefit him?

Here we look to the Sixth House again and to the second trip ruler of servants and employees. Pisces on the cusp gives the trip rulers as Venus, Mars and Moon.  A detrimental Mars in Libra rules this particular part of life.  As stated above in the Liber Hermetis, Mars in the house of Venus can bring “favours from women.” One gets the impression of someone who can use the people under him for fun and profit.

Sensual pleasures can come easily from such, provided by the people who work as underlings. However, as a leader of a group of peoples all working for the same aim (to move him into power and keep him there) his Mars is not decisive. He would appear weak and at the mercy of feminine forces.

5)    Are his ventures successful?

The success of one’s ventures falls under the auspices of the third trip ruler of the Eleventh House, in this case, Saturn in Leo. This Saturn is a mixed blessing, being in detriment, but also is angular and in sect. Saturn conjuncts a very strong Mercury and sextiles both Mars and the Ascendant. Bonatti [3] makes an interesting point: the first trip ruler of the Eleventh House signifies Faith, and the second, Friends.

The success of one’s ventures is built on the success of Faith and Friends (as Bernadette Brady puts it, “Faith in one’s Friends can lead to Success in one’s ventures”). The trip ruler for Faith in this chart is the Sun in Leo, and Jupiter in Libra rules Friends. The Sun here is strong, and it can be easily imagined that
Clinton’s faith burned steadily without seeming to diminish under any circumstances.

The faith that others put into him was likely just as strong. Jupiter is out of sect but angular, sextiling the Sun and trining the Part of Fortune in the Ninth House.  With this set-up there is possibly a fickle approach to friendship, where all is fine while he is on track to get what he wants. The detrimental Saturn indicates that success through Faith and Friendship is not necessarily a given outcome. His reputation might suffer through his misguided faith in the people around him.

However, the conjunction to the excellent Mercury ensures that somehow he can talk his way out of the stickiest situations. On the whole his ventures are successful, with the failures impacting most strongly on his family and romantic escapades (Saturn ruling the Fourth and Fifth House cusps).

6)    What sort of leadership skills does he have?

The Tenth House and its second trip ruler denote leadership skills.  With Cancer on the cusp, Mars in Libra again rules this area of life. This is unfortunate, because of all the Mars placements this is the “dither-er,” dependent on other’s opinions and constantly weighing the fine points of an issue back and forth.

His leadership style would probably work best in a one-to-one type interaction. It is the areas of diplomacy in which Mr. Clinton would work best. In the position of leader of the land, the man himself did not inspire the kind of confidence that a rawer Mars could. Not only that, but its detriment weakens the integrity of the planet, perhaps encouraging corruption.

As a third factor, its ruler, Venus, makes a close square to the MC. This suggests that Venusian issues will undo his public self, which of course was the case. In the end he was a leader who became a laughing-stock. His legacy remains to be seen, but at this point it lacks the impressive respect that one would expect to receive from reaching such a high position.

7)    Does his need for sensual pleasures get met? What are these pleasures?

The second triplicity ruler of the Fifth House determines the state of sensual pleasures. Aquarius on the cusp means Mercury in Leo oversees this area. Mercury is in Hayz, being in the diurnal sect, a diurnal sign, and rising ahead of the Sun. So to answer whether he gets his sensual needs met---oh boy does he ever! One could see this Mercury as a Smooth Operator, able to turn on the wattage when necessary.

As to what those pleasures might be, Mercury ruling that area suggests the mental pleasures of flirting, or conversations spiced with sexual innuendo. The Leo influence could lead to anything from desire for heightened situations filled with drama, to the pleasure of making and watching his own personal pornographic videos, where he is the Star.  (I can’t comment on the goings-on between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky since I did not follow the ensuing scandal, and have no wish to know the details).

The Liber Astronomae says of Mercury, “…the Mercurial man is more diligent toward lovers than toward wives, and he will more gladly cling to them.” This appears to be true. Bonatti also states “…Mercury signifies assessment and thinking about the love of God as much as it is according to the native’s own conscience; although otherwise he may be wanton in things that are not permitted.”[4] He is a Baptist who had a scandalous affair with a young Jewish woman, which is perhaps the kink indicated by the above passage.

8)    Is he stable in his status and job?

The third trip ruler of the Tenth House determines the state of stability of one’s status and job.  In this chart with Cancer on the MC, the Moon in Taurus is the determining factor. The best thing about this Moon is that it is exalted. In the Eighth House and square the Sun are signs the Moon is going to present difficulties, perhaps through women. Stability itself is not something typically associated with the Moon; however, Taurus lends fixidity and the magnetizing of resources.

All in all, there are indications of crisis threatening job and status; there is also some suggestion that the Venus-ruled Moon gives some stability. In fact he did have a rather long term in office, prolonging his stay in power to the maximum length.

9)    If he enters into conflict, what is generally the outcome?

Conflicts have to do with relationships and so the Seventh House comes into the question, with conflicts specifically indicated by the second trip ruler. This ruler is Jupiter in Libra in the first house. It is out of sect although placed in a masculine sign that helps somewhat.

A very positive sextile to the dignified Sun in Leo warms this Jupiter up. Its position right below the horizon (with its ruler preceding it upwards) indicates a Jupiter still to rise and join the Sun in the diurnal sect.

But rise it will, eventually. Jupiter is also the exalted ruler of the MC, and trines both the north node and the Part of Fortune. From these factors it can be determined that the outcome of conflicts is generally positive for Mr. Clinton.

10)      Does he have good intuition?

The third trip ruler of the Ninth House indicates wisdom and seeing into the future. Mr. Clinton’s Jupiter in Libra is the ruler of this sphere of life and as seen above, the Jupiter is quite well placed with the exception of being out of sect. 

This last factor may affect the reliability of his intuition. The placement of Jupiter in Libra could help him to read people however, and help the intuitive process especially in conflict situations.

11)                What, if anything, does he work at with little reward?

The Twelfth House second trip ruler of labours seems the best candidate for this. Virgo is on the cusp, consequently the Moon in Taurus rules this area. According to Bernadette Brady, “Enemies cause Hard Labour” and so in this case it is Mr. Clinton’s Venus in Libra that indicates the “Enemies” in question. It is interesting to note that both Venus and the Moon are Venus ruled.

Venus is in its detriment in the signs on the Seventh and Second House cusps, while the Moon is in detriment in the sign on the Fourth House cusp. Venus is in Fall in the sign of the Twelfth, while the Moon is in Fall in the sign of the Second House. There are strong indications that relationships with women use everything he has got.

Unconsciously sought and maintained from the continuous drawing of his inner resources, these relationships devastate those nearest and supposedly dearest to him---his family and partner. In other words, he is running to stand still.

Mars in detriment is the final trip ruler of this triad, indicating the collective that performs the hard labour brought about by the enemies. Perhaps it is unconscious anger, which drives him to pursue sexual affection instead of other, loftier forms of relating.

Copyright: Margaret Penner Choinski

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