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Modern Aries

* Aries as a Stage of Development

The ‘Aries stage’ of anything concerns the themes of newness, initial impulse and beginnings. The essential symbology and principle of Aries may lend its symbolism to abstract to become reflective of an entrance int o being. It could be analogous with the imagery of birth itself, reflecting the nature of the experience of emergence. Therefore ‘how it is for us to be in the world’ is formed by this event, as birth constitutes our attitude and beliefs regarding how it is to exist.

Subsequently our ‘initial entrance into the environment’ can be seen as a subtle psychological influence influence, as to how we may ‘be’ when ‘beginning’, or initiating, anything. Therefore the Arian part of us may be regarded as the part that can feel safely autonomous, potent and dynamic. Thus the question arises as to, has the person been encouraged to embrace this Arian facet in the full, as part of the experience of ‘I am’, or was this challenged in some manner?

Modern astrology has equated Arian symbology with the act of becoming and the independence of the life force. Thus some of the symbolism of the baby appears appropriate, in reflecting a more contemporary facet of the archetypal imagery. Symbolically and sometimes literally, all the universe seems to revolve around the newborn, as its reality the little human is largely narcissistic.

In this archetype there is an urgent sense of demanding for the meeting of primary needs, as the infant is only aware of itself and mother is also the ‘self-object’ - there is no perception of separation at this point. This powerful self-orientation is crucial to the baby establishing itself as an entity which may become stronger and more autonomous. The ‘will-to-be’ is paramount here.

This essential, formative time involves becoming ‘safe’ in asserting one’s presence and potent in activating results. This becomes directly related to the capacity to perform such functions positively in adulthood and contributes to an individual’s capacity to truly individuate.

* Some Characteristics of Aries

“. . .he is the first ray of sunshine from the body of the Sun.”

In translating the energy of Aries into the context of traits and characteristics, it must be regarded that this is a cardinal/fire sign. The mixture of this quality and element is high energy and thus the typical Arian nature is usually quick, active and aroused rapidly into action. This is an impulsive and instigating energy and has been often accused of ‘not looking before it leaps’. Such individuals often expend a lot of energy, the classic Arian type is forthright, bursting with activity and often exhibits an uncomplicated, ‘youthful’ approach.

Pure Arian energy is outgoing, all force and all for ‘moving ahead’, this gives a usually positive and hopeful attitude. All this stems from the archetypal urge to assert the self upon the immediate environment, the Aries-type is therefore said to be a natural leader, with a natural courage (and a certain naiveté).

This is an independent and autonomous sign, its energy lending a self-initiating and motivating ability, which may extend to the ability to ‘fire up’ others. The fire and cardinality of this sign will instinctively tend to innovate and ‘boldly go where no one has gone before’. It is said that Arian energy ‘rushes forth into life’, with a keenness, enthusiasm and a ‘fire in the belly’.

There is a natural affinity to the new and to adventure, as this sign possesses a childlike wonder at tripping over novelty, hence its modern nickname as the ‘baby of the zodiac’. Arian-types are also known to retain vitality, youth and may maintain a sense of physicality and action. Unadulterated, this is a refreshing, bright energy which is decisive and can effectively and cleanly assert its presence and needs.

Such an individual ‘leads by their actions’, the archetype of Aries is a ‘doer’, full of ambition and drive. Intellectually Arian energy is expressed as fast and direct, as thoughts tend to process both instinctively and intuitively. The Arian archetype, on the mental plane is incisive, with an alert, independence of intellect.

This sign has a tremendous capacity to focus a bright ‘laser’ of concentration, which cuts like a fiery sword into what is perceived. All fire signs are concerned in some fashion with the light of truth, for positive or negative. The energy of this sign is also quick on an emotional level, it ‘fires up’ impulsively and it can turn its flame down just as quickly, as a ‘burst’ of emotional energy. Some care is needed here as Aries is well known for lack of endurance and follow-through.

As a cardinal sign and of fire, its forte lies in initiating and instigating, it is the original spark that begins the fire, not necessarily sustaining it. Traditionally the well-integrated Arian is said to be a warm, vibrant and responsive individual, who has the capability to positively motivate others and is willing to attempt the unattempted.

This is the most self-focused and self-interested of astrological figures, as Aries reflects the awareness that one is a separate entity from other beings (as the baby first does with mother in the initial months of development). Psycho-emotionally Aries is always essentially motivated to seek the self within self-experience and reference. Thus these types are often accused of selfishness and are quite capable of being guilty of this.

Aries is the ‘me-first’ sign and over-compensating in the self gives rise to disregarding the sensibilities of others. In the negative extreme the individual may become somehow wrapped in an infantile world of unrealistic demand, embued with an abrasive impulsiveness. The over-compensated Arian forces their presence too ambitiously into the environment, they may ride roughshod over others in a flurry of cardinal and fire energy, expressing with no conscious awareness of the negative impact they are having.

When engaged in unregenerative self-interest, this sign can be incredibly reactive, when its self and sense of autonomy is challenged. The Mars-ruled often tend to fire up and react impulsively and in the extreme violently, as the passion of physical action takes over. An insecure Aries-type is emotionally demanding, domineering and constantly manipulating situations of ‘one-upmanship’, as the competitive aspect distorts.

Negatively, the Aries-type may perceive life as a ‘battle’ and constellate such reality in such things as angry interactions and the likes of accidents and other ‘aggressive’ incidents. The so-called ‘unevolved Aries’ may draw upon a lot of superficial bravado, being driven by a considerable anger (often unacknowledged clearly), which masks a certain fear. There exists a need to access the truth of such a feeling and integrate it into a positive drive, with a functional outlet for expression.

Arian energy must always be aware of where it is focusing itself. Often such energy may be ‘eaten up’ in maintaining an unregenerative ‘angry’ position, which leads to a ‘toxic’ or ‘dirty’ emotional state. Such negatively over-compensated Arian energy needs to learn from the balance of its polar sign Libra, which is concerned with the sensibilities of interrelationship.

Thus Aries may garner response, rather than invest in reaction and therefore the obvious leadership capability of this sign can take an integral form. This is as the true leader nurtures those they may lead into their own greater initiative and autonomy, leaving room for individual creative and dynamic function. Skilful leadership requires the art of diplomacy and strategy, which is of the refined Libran realm.

The awareness of the qualities of its polar principle allows Aries to ‘soften’, weigh and consider the ‘other’, as this sign can have a sharp intensity or ‘urgent pressure’ that needs ease of release, without consideration. Libra offers the equipoise of a ‘middle way’, allowing Aries to step out of over-focused extremes and use energy more economically.

Developing perceptions via the experiences of others and thus outside of the self, affords a lot of learning for the Arian individual. Over-compensated Aries is often over-invested in independence, as there is a great fear of losing autonomous control. Although essentially a ‘me-first’ archetype Arian psychology often draws the line at admitting dependency and vulnerability.

There may be, typically an ‘I’ll do it myself’ attitude. Such an individual can often be, or appear, extremely busy and ‘on top of things’, going about life in an ultra-dynamic fashion. They may often constellate dependent types, which reflects their disowned shadow in regard to perceived ‘weakness’.

This at least can keep them away from their own vulberabilities, although resentment may grow over time, as to not having their own requirements and needs directly met. This is a vibration that does not like appearing ‘weak’, often ‘soldiering on’, to the point of burnout. Co-operation may also equal vulnerability to this type of Arian, thus there is difficulty in relationships, especially regarding the balancing, sharing aspects.

When Arian energy is under-compensated, repressed or blocked, it may plainly become ‘an accident waiting to happen’ (just as the over-compensated reckless projection of energy can). This is the type of energy that definitely requires positive release and freedom of expression. As its dynamics, when imploded, tend to be even more toxifying to the appropriate expression.

If bottled up for too long it is as if a ‘pressure-cooker’ of energy may reach ‘critical mass’ and the concern grows as to where and how, it may be ultimately directed. When the principles of Aries are relegated to the shadow in the psyche, there are most usually issues to do with clean assertiveness, autonomy and the will to individuate. The person may turn the energy inward upon themselves, perhaps ‘beating themselves up’ in some manner (usually impacting on the emotional and physical levels).

At worst, this produces a passive-aggressive type, who most often unconsciously allows their anger at the lack of potency to ‘leak out’ in subtle and unconscious ways. Blocking the Arian principles means being out of touch with ones own assertive function and there can be a tone of ‘fight or flight’ to this sign. Individuals in such relationship to the themes of this zodiacal symbol usually need to learn about the ‘art’ of clean confrontation and direct interaction.

One of the mandates of this sign is ‘honesty is the best policy’, often to a fault. Either way, whether under or over-compensated, the archetypal face of the Arian ‘warrior’ is perceiving life as a ‘battleground’ and reacting in either of the polarised fashions.

Life may be a competitive race, too fast and aggressive, thus the Arian energy may become unregenerative, wasting energy and missing its highest potential. It is the spectre of fear and reaction that is the most profound enemy of the positive expression of Arian themes. As the symbolic initial ray of being, the higher purpose of the symbolism of the Arian energy is to ‘seed’, plus to instigate the ‘spark’ that leads to the lighting of any darkness.

Through the intuition of fire Aries responds to inspirations and the ‘I am’ function is stirred into seeking direction and release into new territory. In the modern astrological context of learning and developing, it is said that through its cardinality Aries is generally called to integrate the elemental principles of the other three signs on its ‘cross’ . Emotional security (Cancer), relationship function (Libra) and the authority/maturity (Capricorn) which comes through self-responsibility.

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