March 21, 2007
Can we identify evil?

As yesterday’s entry shows, we can innocently get mixed up with bad people. The question is: would knowledge of astrology have helped Virginia to see past X’s mask to his evil core?

This is a loaded question, which places a heavy responsibility upon the astrologer.
Personally, I think the diagnosis of evil should be left to the genuinely religious and/or those psychiatrists (or psychologists) who are fully trained in Dr. Robert D. Hare’s* system.

John Frawley is doing pioneer work in what is called “Edenic Astrology.” He posits that the horoscope is a map of the Self, and so the Soul exists separately. His theory is that the Soul is the enemy of the Self, and wishes to annihilate the Self (so it can grow).We cannot, therefore, truly read the Soul from the horoscope. We can certainly try, and there would be strong clues for us to ponder, but ultimately we are unable to judge the Soul because that is God’s domain.

The rest of us can read Liz Greene’s “The Dark of the Soul”* with common sense firmly in mind.
Remember, a little knowledge can be DANGEROUS.

For those who wish to see X’s horoscope, it is HERE...

*Robert D. Hare’s site, Without Conscience
*Liz Greene, “The Dark of the Soul: Psychopathology in the Horoscope,” CPA Press, London, 2003

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