A Natal Chart Delineated

By Margaret Penner Choinski

Chart analysed in early 2003

“The astrologer seeks to unveil individual realities which are unconscious or unknown, and to verify such concepts which the individual already ‘knows.’ ”

-A.T. Mann[1]

“Robert has been having difficulties with his job for the past 3 years.”

Whenever anyone contacts an astrologer for a consultation, there is always curiosity on the part of the astrologer as to the reason why. This reason goes beyond that which is stated by the client. Often there are planetary influences that have finally “clicked” to instigate a need for change. Finding the astrological “context” offers some clarification to the current problem. In Robert’s case, he has said his current problem started 3 years ago. This is a good place to begin.

Check out Robert's chart here

Three years ago Robert was 37 years and some months. Therefore at that age he was at some level preparing for some major life changes via his mid-life transits. Sure enough, at 37 Robert was already in the midst of transiting Pluto in the 5th House (the House of all things pleasurable, children, and the creative arts) squaring natal Pluto in the 3rd (siblings, mobility skills, self-expression and general communications [2]).

At this point Robert has commented only on his job difficulties, and so there is some indication from this major transit that creativity and communication will be highlighted in the process. Is there more? Yes. Three years ago Robert experienced a New Moon lunation (his second) in Scorpio, cuspal to the 5th House.

This lunation is a significant event for anyone, even more so for Robert who has Cancer on his Ascendant, with the Moon ruling this “point of life
[3]” and so, the chart. If that were not enough, this lunation is at the same time squaring the progressed nodal axis, including 7th House Saturn conjunct
the South Node.

Combined with the fact that he has the North Node in Leo, and its ruler natal Sun square natal Moon, Robert was plainly beginning a process of working through strong Solar/Lunar issues as they pertained to his mode of relating. The influence of Mother can already be seen across the nodal axis of the Ascendant/Descendant and in the primary motivation as shown by Cancer rising.

With the involvement of Saturn, his emerging consciousness of, and identification to Father will include lunar-inspired memories/feelings of his own father’s powerful influence. [4] The progressions augur the birth of his internal Authority. What has prompted him to come now? Quite possibly Robert has intuited the passing of transiting Neptune out of the 7th House of business partnerships and open enemies [5] and away from Saturn and the South Node.

Thus the issue of relating in a way that aids one’s success can now be seen more realistically. Transiting
Neptune now squaring itself serves to challenge the illusions natal Neptune has permeated through Robert’s life.

“He is skilled in his field as customer service officer, but tends to create difficulties with co-workers. His colleagues have accused him of being ruthless, manipulative and two-faced, but he maintains he is just playing office politics in order to get ahead.”

As soon as Robert says this, an immediate question is raised: how can one keep a group of people happy (the customers), whilst antagonizing another group (his co-workers)? There are always two sides to every story; the truth never seems to belong exclusively to one side. I would expect to see in Robert’s chart clear ambition, mediator skills, and---perhaps “hidden” from Robert’s own acknowledged motives---the all-too-human capacity for ruthlessness and other less savoury traits.

The MC and its ruler
[6] retrograde Jupiter in Pisces, also ruling the 6th House cusp, stand out. Looking at his Cancer Ascendant, it is easy to imagine its usefulness in projecting a caring concern for his customers, making them feel a part of the company “family.” Why then is it not being used with everyone else? Perhaps it is, but not consistently. And that leads directly to his 12th House Moon in Gemini.


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