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A Gemini Moon touches lightly on the emotions, and prefers the ideas around the emotions rather than the feelings themselves. In the cadent, “lost,” 12th House there is also a tendency to “remove” oneself as a defensive strategy.

 In Gemini the Moon may direct Robert toward shallow communications when things get difficult. He might take refuge in gossiping about his co-workers, adamantly staying away from any topic of depth. Moon in Gemini can be fickle in its efforts to stay on top of everything going on. It is conceivable that Robert leaves people feeling they can’t trust what he says. Thus the best characteristics of his Cancer Ascendant---concern for and sensitivity toward others---would be thwarted.

The natal Moon phase is Last Quarter, a thin sliver waning toward conjunction with the Sun. On the horizon, the Moon-ruled sign floods Robert’s impressions. The chart itself is nocturnal and the Moon is rising at birth into the boundlessness of the night sky.

The picture is already expressing an impression of wet darkness. Adding to this impression is the complete planetary lack of the element of Fire; the imbalance of Sun and Moon is in evidence here, too.

Technically the Moon is Void-of-Course, making no applying aspects before leaving its sign. However, because of the other powerful Sun/Moon statements being made, the separating Sun/Moon square is considered to be still fully operational.

Ancient astrology considers the Moon to make the stronger statement in a nocturnal chart. [7] Robert Hand contends, “A strong Moon of this kind indicates an individual who succeeds by embodying the aspirations of others and serving their needs.” [8]

In his job he does serve, this suits his Virgo Sun’s directive and provides an outlet for the lunar energy too. But it is with his co-workers that the humility of his core Self becomes skewed.

In Robert’s chart the Sun is in earthy Virgo and angular. A Virgo Sun lacks dignity and thus offers no particular strength in this sign, but its angularity and close aspects to all of the angles signals its importance in Robert’s life.

His core Self provides Robert with an analytical mind, discriminating judgement, and a desire to be helpful and of use. Ruled by equitable Mercury in Libra, it is no surprise he is successful in the customer service side of his work. Mercury also rules the Moon, and with two mutable, intellectual Lights at work, Robert’s mind is the boss here.

A challenging aspect between the Sun and Moon is considered to be a sign of poor relations between Mother and Father at birth. [9] From our Mothers and Fathers we learn our relating skills.

We are given a certain perspective on how people act with one another, depending on which parent we identify with at any given time. When stressed Robert’s Moon is under the sway of its ruler Mercury, and the large-orbed separating trine connecting these two planets blends emotions and intellect further.

The separating square from Mercury to Mars can be bluntly summed up as, “when I’m mad I won’t listen.” [10]

When Robert gets angry, he stops listening and instead will focus his thoughts elsewhere. This might take the form of fantasy---Mars in the 12th House of matters that are hidden, [11] trine Venus conjunct
Neptune---or into passive/aggressive behaviour in his work---Mars in Cancer trine a Pisces MC.

This suggests that Robert’s mother had a powerful influence on his intellect and how to use it. With a Gemini Moon ruling, Mars (as the expressor of anger) would incline toward coming through Robert’s mind. From the mind it would make itself known through body language or petty criticisms via the Mercury’s rule of the Virgo Sun opposition MC. Mars is in a relatively poor condition and this sours its clean expression.

The 12th House represents an area of life that we find closed to our understanding. In Modern astrology Neptune is the planet we associate with this House. The boundlessness of space is descriptive of the realm of Neptune, where planets located under its influence have little notion of where they end and others begin.

Classically, planets within it are subject to all manner of unfortunate associations
[12] not the least being that these same planets participate in creating our secret enemies and own self-undoing. With his Mars in Fall [13] and wide open to the confusing energies of
Neptune via their free-flowing trine, it is imperative that Robert learns to assert himself cleanly. The current problems he is having with his co-workers might be just the tip of the iceberg.

Mars is leant prominence by lying within a Gauquelin sector [14]. By the ancient’s way of thinking, Mars is also tempered by the cooling of a water sign and being placed above the horizon in a nocturnal chart. [15]  It is therefore not an explosive Mars, but one that drips maddeningly in the background, drop…by…drop.

Through its rulership of the interception of Aries in the 10th House of vocation, this “weak” Mars will certainly make its presence felt to Robert throughout his career. Specifically, it will show in how he communicates himself in that area. An intercepted sign and its qualities can be hard to access, almost as if they have been “swallowed” into the house in which it lies.

Ruled by the already unconscious 12th House Mars, he is likely unaware of his self-centred actions and how they affect his co-workers. Robert needs outside help to illuminate the best parts of the energies available to him. It has been said that interceptions contain lessons not yet learned,
[16] in which case there is certainly opportunity for Robert to rectify this, through consciously seeking out an appropriate mentor from within the business community.

If the forthright energies of Aries are sublimated in the interception, how does the martial energy manifest through the trine to the MC? The danger is in the Mars working against Robert’s own good, perhaps secretly plotting to gain any advantage over others.

Robert may imagine all sorts of hurts and slights.

However Mars expresses itself in the 10th House, it will come out whether Robert knows it or not. From his phrasing of his problem, it seems likely that he is somewhat aware of his own actions having something to do with the hostility created by the force of his ambitions.

Pluto in the 3rd House of everyday communications forms an opposition to Jupiter, co-ruler of the MC and ruler of the 6th House of the work environment. Here, ruthlessness can creep into Robert’s mode of expression at work. The planet of power negatively expresses through “wilful manipulation of others to serve one’s own ends; ruthlessly using any means to avoid the pain of facing one’s self…” [17]



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