You began life under a Crescent Moon, where she reflects a sickle of the Sun’s light as she travels away from him. In this phase the Moon is a fledgling in a brightening world. The dark is still remembered. New experiences are referred back to the self for understanding; subjectivity is strong. Yet she has an urge to go out and explore, grow, show herself more and more. In this phase the past has its influence. The result is that a person born under this phase is likely to hesitate in their advance, and might even yearn for the “good old days.” But there is no going back. The future must be faced, as frightening as it may be. And a Crescent Moon personality could find themselves struggling in all sorts of situations, as a result of resistance to the inevitable.

Cast of Characters

The Sun : is discovering its potential within your lifetime. Wants to go beyond the “known.”

The Moon : at some level knows itself and its requirements. Prefers the familiar.

Progressed Ascendant : the unfoldment of how you relate to the world and present yourself to it. Identity, appearance, and physical vitality are reflected by its progression. New facets become integrated into self (by aspect, sign, and house change). Presentation and how you impact your environment.

Progressed MC: the unfoldment of your personal vocation. Evolution of authority, responsibility, and maturation. Nature of your life’s direction. What you aspire to or identify with [10] .

The Lunation Cycle

birth : Crescent phase

plant symbolism: The struggling and fragile shoot, pushing up from the earth. End of planting season.

seasonal resonance: mid-Winter, beginning of August

This phase has the residue of new beginnings. It is conducive to new ideas, bubbling inspiration, and tentative starts on manifesting the desires of the New Moon preceding. The deeds and actions of the previous years start to take root. Publicly displaying the new direction one wants to take. This is a time of new interests that had been previously pursued, taking on more importance to the formation of identity.

Purpose : To focus vision, break away, mobilise, and push to grow

Moon sign: Cancer

sign keywords: [11] Mother Hen, hungry child, protector, Mother Hubbard, housewife, clinger, turtle, hoarders, brooder, supporter, cry baby, nurturer, comforter, ostrich

Moon house: 12

house themes: [12] retreat, hiding out, withdrawal, need to explore inner life, working quietly, “clearing the air” of deeper issues which need the time to sort out

19 Aug 1948: Moon into Leo

sign keywords : Cowardly Lion, will to create, self-confidence, star, playful child, heroine, show-off, actress, entertainer, braggart, commander

7 Jan 1949 : Moon into 1st house

house themes : active, visibility, pushing forward, emphasis on the physical (i.e. appearances, body)

12 Feb 1949 : First Quarter phase

plant symbolism: energy goes into developing root, leaves, and stem

seasonal resonance: Spring Equinox, September

The square generates tension, which leads to an urge for action. Forging ahead, manifesting, achieving, ego building; the strength to follow-though on the next phase is built during this time

Purpose : To choose, act, direct, give foundation

12 Oct 1950 : Moon into Virgo

sign keywords: The Helper, worrier, nun, petty tyrant, timid, invisible, busy bee, perfectionist, health fanatic, fussbudget

3 Feb 1952 : Moon into 2nd house

house themes: consolidation of resources, reception of benefits, building of base of security, financial, emotional, spiritual rewards

21 Aug 1952 : Gibbous phase

plant symbolism: the plant is growing and strengthening, further development is coming to bud

seasonal resonance: mid-Spring, end of October

Confidence in one’s direction, desire to express knowledge, this is a time of showing one’s attitudes, the fruit of one’s previous actions is beginning to show; drive to perfect (in preparation for the next phase), anticipation. The growing amount of light lends objectivity to deal with needs. Pruning away unnecessary “suckers,” which are taking away valuable growth energy from the main purpose.

Purpose : To refine, perfect, evaluate, adjust, prepare

29 Dec 1952 : Moon into Libra

sign keywords: Charlie Brown, fairy princess, pleaser, impartial judge, angel, accommodating child, mediator, co-operator, beauty queen, gracious guest, happy hostess, flirt

* 13 Feb 1954 : Progressed MC enters Gemini

At this time you would have been entering the educational system. The progression would have encouraged your self-identification with an ethos such as “Knowledge is Power.” Perhaps the impression you received at home (Moon square Mercury) was that you talked too much or said the wrong things. Well, you were going to show them.

27 Nov 1954 : Moon into 3rd house

house themes: seek knowledge, want to express ideas, movement, journeys, classes, issues to do with siblings highlighted, open to new ideas, different ways of doing things, restless and keen to communicate

18 April 1955 : Moon into Scorpio

sign keywords: The Truth-Seeker, investigator, tester, grudge bearer, intensity addict, dictator, silent one, psychologist, healer, manipulator, power addict, taker

* 22 May 1956 : Full Moon phase

plant symbolism: the buds burst into blossom, unfolding in their fullness

seasonal resonance: Summer Solstice, December

Culminating phase, full power, and a time of balance, fulfilment, flowering, apex of expression. “Meaning” behind the phases leading up to this one from the New Moon forward. There may be some alienation from whatever does not work for one’s fulfilment. Since this is the top, it doesn’t get any better than this…relates to the King and Queen’s position on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. Spiritually, it relates to clearly focused emotions and fully aware perceptions. Because this happened on the 3rd – 9th house axis, the achievements were most likely to do with education and learning. This phase and house axis could have set off a major drive for you to educate yourself to the top of your field. Certainly, ambitions would be centred on learning as much as you could.

Purpose : To fulfil, objectify, illuminate, culminate

26 Feb 1957 : Moon into 4th house

house themes: home and family, residence, changing residence, mother or mothering, immediate family issues

10 Sept 1957 : Moon into Sagittarius

sign keywords: The Seeker, optimist, missionary, wanderer, explorer, free spirit, little professor, over doer, bookworm, eternal student

27 Jan 1959 : Moon into 5th house

house themes: ability to express, personal creative skills, visible expression of skills, new activities, hobbies, boyfriends

* 30 January 1960: Progressed Jupiter enters 3rd house (retrograde motion)

The source of inspiration moves from the arena of family, to the area that concerns your own way of communicating. The purpose of this progression was in expanding your range of thought, finding satisfaction in inspiring others with your words, and exploring new forms of communication.

8 March 1960 : Moon into Capricorn

sign keywords: The Stoic, Machiavelli, tough lady, Iron Lady, realist, loner, pessimist, businesswoman, pillar of strength

31 May 1960: Disseminating phase

plant symbolism: the maturing plant brings forth fruit, which ripens in this phase

seasonal resonance: mid-Summer, beginning of February

Inspired by the previous phase, this could be a time of searching after an ideal. The pressure of time is beginning to be felt as the brightness of the last phase begins to fade. There is a realization that the “good times” are waning too. This is the beginning of a reflective and productive period lasting for the next 14 years.

Purpose : To convey, distribute, demonstrate, fruit

15 Dec 1960: Moon into 6th house

house themes: hard work and daily grind, health, routines, effort, elbow grease, building of a body of work, perfection of creative expression, duty, service, follow-through, sense of enslavement

18 Sept 1962 : Moon in Aquarius

sign keywords: The Bohemian, liberal, humanitarian, anarchist, rebel, weirdo, free soul, non-conformist, misfit, outsider, individualist, uncommitted, uninvolved, Mr. Spock

4 March 1963 : Moon into 7th house

house themes: time of relationships, breaking up or starting relationships, taking into account how another will view one’s actions

* 11 July 1964 : Last Quarter phase

plant symbolism : Harvesting of the fruit, withering of the vine, life force is pulling back into the stalk and dying back from the top, down.

seasonal resonance: Autumnal Equinox, March

Breaking down of routines and things that seemed permanent. Discarding of the old. Preparing for the Winter to come metaphorically. A time of re-evaluation of oneself and review of one’s situation. Questioning of the past. Energy is directed toward the rearrangement of skills.

At the age of 17, you entered this breaking down phase. With the Moon in rebellious Aquarius, some sort of separation was in progress, likely from your family.

Purpose : To reorient, revision, rebel, breakdown form

14 March 1965 : Moon into Pisces

sign keywords: Cinderella, martyr, lost soul, parasite, avoider, victim, idealist, rescuer, angel of mercy, sensitive listener, escapist, brooder, Miss Vulnerability, mystic

* 23 Sept 1965 : Progressed Mars into 9th house

This progression signalled an awakening of other goals, and a desire to travel beyond known horizons. With the Moon in Pisces, this travel may have been done in the imagination, first. The purpose of this progression was to set in motion your hunger to know more than you were taught up to that point.

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