By Margaret Penner Choinski

Kerry has lived and worked overseas as a nanny for a number of years and returned to Wales 3 years ago. Since that time, she has been involved with a married man and has had a child by him. She knows it is difficult for her to maintain a relationship for any significant time, but wonders why she keeps attracting either men who are unavailable, or men with whom she becomes bored. This reading tries to determine why she behaves as she does in a long-term relationship, what life-long factors may be at work, and what she might do to change her life.

“The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.”


     Sometimes people sense change coming, big change. When trying to explain why they feel the need for an astrological consultation, they frequently reference a point in the past, which seems to mark the beginning of that change. As far as Kerry is concerned, she believes her return to Wales 3 years ago was a marker of sorts. This is quite possibly the case in terms of exoteric events: after a number of years of working as a nanny and travelling she ends travelling, takes up with a married man, and has a child by him.

In terms of astrological events, 3 years ago Pluto moved into her 4th House of father and family background,
[1] squared the Ascendant/Descendant axis, and squared Mars on the Descendant. Down in the roots of her being, Kerry was unknowingly beginning a major transformation in her whole way of relating herself and relating to others. As is so often the case, her progressed Moon was declaring itself by squaring the nodal axis at this same time. Perfectly poised between the Full Moon and the New Moon, it represents a journey downwards, a symbolic Descent [2]. Shortly afterwards, transiting Saturn in the 9th House of international travel [3] opposed her natal Moon, and transiting Uranus moved from her 5th House of pleasurable and creative activities [4] into her 6th House of those who serve. [5] Was this indicative of a desire to stop moving around and make a fresh start back home?

     Our desire to turn over a new leaf often leads to a period of repeating the very behaviours we wish to change. Perhaps this gives us time to observe and learn more about ourselves before the desired change can occur. I believe that Kerry has reached the point now where she can accept her own part in creating her relationship problems. In just 3 months she will be experiencing a New Moon Lunation, signalling the beginning of the Ascent from the underworld. What a perfect time this is now for change, for the removal of ignorance and other attitudes steeped in this waning darkness.

     Kerry knows that she does not have relationships that last. She knows that she attracts men who cannot commit to her. She states that she attracts men who, if available, unfortunately bring eventual boredom. Kerry is using all the right words: commitment, enduring relationships, boredom…it isn't necessarily about a lack of love.

After looking at her horoscope I have decided that it is her perspective on these words which needs addressing. There are conflicting energies in the chart. Primarily her Sun in the 5th House of love affairs
[6] points to a search for individualism in this area. She has a Yod involving Saturn, Sun, and apex Jupiter, said to represent a native who is “seldom able to find satisfying role models in the external world…”[7]Her Moon reflects a great need for intimacy and passion. While wrestling with the best way to explain to Kerry how her inner world is reflected in relationships, her Descendant in Pisces jumps out. Through the dual rulership of Jupiter in the 12th House of secrets[8] and Neptune in the 3rd House of general communications,[9] Kerry naturally encourages an other-worldliness in the area of relating. And so I cannot resist telling her a story! Astrodrama[10] helps to make the archetypal inner world take on colour and form. From times past, storytelling has been used to teach.

     The planetary Gods and Goddesses come alive in story, and this can be a dynamic and exciting way to understand one’s birth chart.

Her fact-oriented Virgo Ascendant, grounded to the horizon and sharply attuned to the world through the cool-headed ruler Mercury in Aquarius, might resist this form of receiving information---accidentally dignified,
[11] 6th House Mercury squaring Moon/Neptune and ruling a sensible Jupiter in Virgo. Nevertheless, Mercury and Jupiter are the prime storytellers of the zodiac.

As well, Kerry has a deep, strongly creative side that will appreciate the medium. Emotional resonance can lead to breakthroughs in understanding which no one, least of all the astrologer, could ever predict. For someone like Kerry, who has Jupiter and Mercury ruling the angles, a story might be just the place to begin.


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